Monday, March 31, 2008

50th Post!

50 things: (More lists!)

Eliza Belle
  1. Rolled from her back to her front today. Finally! I was beginning to worry.

  2. Has worn something other than jammies the last two Sundays. Still in jammies at home.

  3. Hates her car seat, but that's okay. We live less than 5 min. from most anywhere we go.

  4. Smiliest baby we've had ... unless you try to take her picture. :-)

  5. Thinks her sisters are hilarious. (I think so, too, but for different reasons.)

  6. Likes to chew on her bottom lip.

  7. Sucks her thumb, but only when she's lying down.

  8. Doesn't have any eyebrows. Those are shadows in that picture.

  9. Sleeps on her stomach.

  10. If one more person tells me that she doesn't look anything like the rest of us, I'm going to slap them. (In my mind, of course.)

Madeline Claire

  1. Asks to go to the potty, toots on it, wipes her booty, gets off and proceeds to tinkle in the floor. This happens daily.

  2. Passes windies at the dinner table and says, "What was that?" every time. Do you see a theme here?

  3. Prefers her Daddy, her Papa, and her Grand-dad. (Ah, that explains it ...)

  4. Has a big imagination.

  5. Likes to paint and will tell you exactly what she is painting. Today it was flowers with polka-dots.

  6. Loves her friends "Es" (Ellis) and "Larn" (Lauren).

  7. Sings as she goes about her day, sings herself to sleep. My brother used to do that.

  8. Wears her rain boots with everything.

  9. Timid when it comes to physical things such as climbing and sliding.

  10. Walked early, but still tends to fall down several times a day.

Sophie Jane

  1. Walked at 9 months and has been super coordinated ever since.

  2. Not timid in the slightest when it comes to physical things, but is really shy around people.

  3. Changes her clothes several times a day.

  4. Has been picking out and putting together her own outfits since she was about 18 months old. (For real. Before she had the words, she would point and growl.)

  5. Loves, loves, loves knee socks.

  6. Extremely literal. If you ask her what she is painting, she usually says, "paint".

  7. Favorite store is Home Depot.

  8. Interested in my sewing projects; I think because sewing is very literal and she can see how everything is put together. She loves puzzles, too, for the same reason.

  9. Prefers her Nana and her Grammy.

  10. Wants to marry her Daddy. Says Maddie can marry Mr. Kevin. :-)

Danna Lyn (Boring me)

  1. Favorite color: yellow

  2. Favorite movie: White Christmas

  3. Favorite song: Son of a Preacher Man

  4. Favorite worship song: Days of Elijah (the Southwest fight song)

  5. Favorite t.v. show: Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars

  6. Favorite hobby: hmmm....

  7. Favorite new hobby: I think maybe running! But, I'm still bad at it.

  8. Favorite memory: summers - both of my parents were in education, so we had lots of family time

  9. Favorite phrase: oh, stars

  10. Favorite muppet: Fozzie Bear

Jeffrey Wayne

  1. Plays pick-up basketball every Monday night.

  2. Has asthma, but you would never know it.

  3. Really nice singing voice, but again you would never know it.

  4. 8 inches taller than me.

  5. Loves him some Popeyes chicken.

  6. Doesn't drink coffee. What?!?!

  7. Director of NEA Clinic Physical Therapy. Loves being a therapist.

  8. Serves as a deacon in the Connect and Serve ministry at church.

  9. Built quite a bit of our furniture.

  10. Was "Chief Big Tracks" at ASU. I'd show you a picture, but I value my marriage.

There you go. You are now 50 things smarter.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow, that was impressive! I don't think I could come up with 50 things....maybe I will take that as a challenge.


Chandra said...

What is up with our men and their coffee. Issues. Your girls are so beautiful, and I loved reading about their little quirks.

ashleigh said...

Can MG have dibs on Eliza if Jeff & Kevin are taken? :) As old as we are, he could be bachin' in again by the time she's ready to marry...and, he'll have a nice pension & my insurance money for her to live on!

ps. did you see that soulemama's books comes out on tuesday?

Amy Griffin said...

that is great! I loved reading it.