Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, we went to church tonight. Do you know how long it's been since all 5 of us have been to church on a Wednesday night? I'll tell you, a long time. We have gotten really good at letting any little thing keep us home. (Okay, all the illness lately wasn't exactly a little thing, but you get the point.)
So, we'd been planning our Wednesday night attendance all week. Then today it dawned on me - Jeff has ministry meetings at 5:30. Which means this - I have to get all 3 girls fed, diapered (2 of them), and dressed (which is a fight, because my dear Sophie doesn't wear outfits, she wears concoctions) in time for church by myself. AND, they ate leftover chili for supper which means one more "outfit" change for the older 2. Genius, thy name is Danna.
Glad we went, though. We sang How Great is My God and Blessed Be Thy Name, two of my mom's cancer battle theme songs. Always a good reminder of how truly blessed my family is.

Also, thanks for all the nice e-mails and comments about the tutorial. I've decided that as soon as I finish the girls' Easter dresses (hopefully this week!), I will start it in earnest. Probably daily, so if there are any go-getters out there, you'll be able to smock by Easter. Maybe too late for Easter, but not too late for spring!

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Stephanie said...

I always sit here amazed reading blogs of people who have 3 kids or more! I have one and I can barely manage sometimes!