Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

10 Things I am so thankful for
  1. Our Sunday School Class. It was announced that we would be doing service projects during class time this past Sunday, and instead of everyone using that as an excuse to sleep in an extra hour, we were filled to overflowing. And BUSY! It was very encouraging. :)
  2. Bath time after the girls go to bed. Current favorite thing: black rasberry vanilla bubble bath.
  3. Last night Sophie got teary when she thought she might not get to have her t-ball game (rain). I am thankful for her commitment to things.
  4. Inflatable swimming pools
  5. How Jeff proudly wears his "#4's Dad" shirt to all of S's games.
  6. Speaking of Jeff, I'm thankful that we are such good friends.
  7. Spray sun-screen.
  8. Maddie's hair is so easy to comb the tangles out of!
  9. Eliza put herself in time-out, today.
  10. Play-dough. (I love the smell of it, too!)