Friday, October 30, 2009

The Punkies

aka: The Punkin Funkies

Evidently, that's what you call it when you clean out a pumpkin.

Highlight for the girls - sticking their fingers through the nose hole picking Pumpkin Boogies...

Which led me to ...

start singing "Pumpkin Boogies!" (to the tune of Jungle Boogie, obvs.) ...

Which quickly deteriorated into ...

Pumpkin Bootie as my girls marched off to their bath.

Pumpkin nose picking, songs about booties ....

having all girls sure is precious, I tell ya. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

a 5 yr old's take on marriage

Going through my "nice" (read: almost never worn) jewelry today, Sophie holds up my anniversary ring and asks -

"How many times did you get married?"

me, distracted-like, "uh, one"

"But you have 3 kids."


"Daddy only loved you ONCE?"

finally paying attention, "no, Daddy loves me every day."

S. walking away, "yeah, but he only gave you one married ..."

to Jeff later, "how many times have you been married?

Jeff (Mr. Hilarious) says "5"

"WHOA! YOU HAVE 5 MOMS?!?!?!?!"
remember: can't joke with Sophie, can't joke with Sophie, can't joke with Sophie, ........

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss Eliza Belle turns 2

Okay, so last year when my baby turned one, I wrote about her - calling it a love song for Eliza.

This year if I were to write her a little song, it would definitely be something you could dance to.

Two weeks ago, someone remarked that it was cool that God gave us two little girls ... and a Tasmanian Devil.

She thinks she is a kitty. Did you know that? And she's much more obedient when she's being "Kitty Kitty". Kitty Kitty will go get her diaper when you ask her to. Eliza will probably not.

Although she can say the "m" sound, she thinks it's funny to call Maddie - Daddy. She calls Sophie - Sophie Jane or sometimes just Jane. When she's upset with me, she calls me Mommy BELLE.

She likes baby dolls. I never did, and my older two didn't either. This is something of her very own and boy, do we indulge it.

Her favorite song is "I love you a bushel and a peck".

She is my little breath of fresh air. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here I go again


I "over-cheese" when I'm cooking.

I have become re-obsessed with Hayseed Dixie. Especially the bluegrass version of Walk This Way.

Secretly, I'm glad our GNO discussion last night did not revolve around our kids' bowel movements. Like last time.

I suffer from Judgy Mom Syndrome when I am out late getting groceries and see tons of little kids running around. One of these days I am going to blurt out, "PUT THOSE KIDS TO BED!" or something equally harsh and judgmental.

I .... do not enjoy fall festivals, anymore. What do you call a halloween-scrooge, I wonder?

Monday, October 19, 2009

you have to do it

Ah... October ...

We woke up with no plans on Saturday! So we donned our best pumpkin-picking duds (which, to my older girls means a splash of orange to go along with their usual princess/clown mash-up) , loaded up the family roadster and headed out to that Great Pumpkin Patch, that Mecca for all serious pumpkin pickers ....

the Wal-mart on Highland.

Seriously, dudes, the pumpkins elsewhere were expensive this year.

Anyhoo, we brought them back and then used them as leverage to get the girls to take a nap.

After this, we painted. Guess what colors they chose? Sparkly pink (obvs.), turquoise, purple, and ... orange. Great choices, really. Only, uh, they turned out looking a little ... what's the word ... .........


At least Sophie's was in a moldy "pattern" this year. It was a moldy rainbow. We are very, very, very into rainbows.

Maddie's was moldy blobs. I think she might be into blobs.

Eliza preferred painting with a popsicle stick. And she ate some.

It was non-toxic. This is not a scary story.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today was the Race for the Cure.

I've lost count how many people have asked me why I did not go.

Seriously? Like I would boycott something as wonderful as that?

I always forget when it is. And it's more fun to go with a group. But the main reason was that I've never done it before, and the first time I go I want to go with my Mom.

People find it shocking that we don't "think pink" every waking minute. For a long time, I pretended like I never thought about the fact my mom has cancer. When we got so much bad news all the time, it was so much less complicated to say, "she's okay!" and change the subject.

This would actually be the first year that the race would seem like the celebration it's supposed to be, and not a huge reminder of what we're facing.

Yeah, so we weren't in Little Rock this weekend.

But, every day she gets up and goes to work, stays out late at my sisters' ballgames, teaches Sunday school ... all after a round of chemo, I promise you she's racing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More dinner chats, this time about babies

Tonight we were eating tacos for supper.

Sophie picked hers up and a little piece fell out in her hand.

She says (sincerely), "Ooooooooh, a little hamburger baby! Look, Mommy, my taco had a little baby."

Maddie, with a mouth full of taco, says, "So .... what? It just popped out?"

Sophie turns and says, "Mads, you need to learn that babies don't pop out. This sweet baby was born."

And then she ate it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Costume idea

There must be a special chemical in Eliza's skin.

Food sticks to it like glue.

Tonight we were eating chili, looked up ...

and she had a frito stuck to her lip.

Right above her lip, actually. Like a little frito mustache.

She... was oblivious.

Stinking broken camera. :(

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's sad, really.

So, there I was at the Wal-mart ...

I'd put the kids to bed, grabbed my grocery list, and now there I was.

Lookin' at the toothpaste.

And then ...

my pupils dilated

my body went numb

and I found myself on the Christmas aisle.

Didn't seem to matter that what they had out was hideous and tacky. (no offense Wal-mart Christmas decoration designers)

It just sucks me in. Can't explain it.

I was this close to buying a Disney princess commemorative ornament.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If I were a muppet, I'd be Miss Soggy ...

Rain makes me feel heavy. And not in a good way.

Supposedly, we have gotten 22 more inches than normal.


One of these days ... sigh ... I will have a free hand to hold an umbrella and not stay completely soaked at all times.

Today, Eliza ran and leapt into a puddle.

I've never seen her leap before. Interesting. Two foot landing.
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