Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here I go again


I "over-cheese" when I'm cooking.

I have become re-obsessed with Hayseed Dixie. Especially the bluegrass version of Walk This Way.

Secretly, I'm glad our GNO discussion last night did not revolve around our kids' bowel movements. Like last time.

I suffer from Judgy Mom Syndrome when I am out late getting groceries and see tons of little kids running around. One of these days I am going to blurt out, "PUT THOSE KIDS TO BED!" or something equally harsh and judgmental.

I .... do not enjoy fall festivals, anymore. What do you call a halloween-scrooge, I wonder?


Heather said...

your ms. BOO-dom.

ashleigh said...

my favorite is the kids sitting in the cart swigging dr pepper and eating out of a bag of gummi worms. ALSO, i've noticed that there are usually like 8 adults with these children. seriously, not one of you could stay home and let the kids sleep?

wow, ash. judgy much? obviously a pet peeve of mine. (she says with an embarrassed smile)

Stacy said...

I do not know Hayseed whoever, but I will investigate... I love Fall Festivals. I too am judgemental of people who keep kids out late... seriously judgemental, like I glare and all... and, if we are making confessions, I am addicted to you blog and I secretly wish that we could be daily hang out BFFs, like sit and have coffee and laugh and laugh all the time.