Friday, May 23, 2008

Finishing up and party pics

Here are the lasties but not leasties!

  1. Nikki - I am thankful that I found her through the 10 things Tuesday lists. She teaches 5th grade and I love reading her blog and thinking about my former teacherhood. She also has the gift of edification and loves to help others "keep their heads up". Super person and great new friend!

  2. Polly - I see Polly all the time, but have really gotten to know the real her through her blog. I am thankful that Polly can give and give and give. She gives loads of time and love to her family, guidance to the new parents that she teaches, and comfort to those whose children have also been diagnosed with food allergies like her son Jake. I'll never forget the story of her praying with the couple in Wal-mart!

  3. Rebecca - I am so thankful that Toby found Rebecca. She is warm and hysterical and the poster child for "down to earth". They let each other be who they are and get the biggest kick out of each other. It's really cute. I hope someday that God gives them a little girl, because Rebecca is the fastest bow-maker I have ever seen. :-)

  4. Sandi - I am thankful for Sandi's frankness. She is living a very blessed life, with a fantastic husband and two little boys (with another any day!), and she is very aware of how great this is and thanks God for it. But, she speaks honestly about what it really means to be a wife and mother. It's not a laugh a minute. It's a huge, beautiful responsibility. Of course, I'm also thankful that I knew Sandi in college because her since of humor was just as quirky as mine! :)

  5. Shaila - I am thankful that her son Samuel was in Sophie's class at Mother's Day Out. Sophie was walking one day and pointed him out saying, "that's Samuel. He's sooooooooo cute." (Yeah, she was 2 at the time. No more Disney channel for her.) Anyway, we met through that and now we can keep up through blogging. Yay!

  6. Stephanie - The great thing about Steph is that you really have no idea how you met. You just know her. Everyone knows her. She is infectiously happy and I am thankful to have such a positive person to call my friend.

  7. Trisha - I am so thankful that the Box girls have Trisha as an aunt. Those girls are special to us Ramseys and it sure does make me feel good to know they are loved so much by their Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jason. Trisha's blog is a hoot!

  8. X-box wife - I actually think her name is Jill, but to me she will always be "x-box wife"! I am thankful that she began 10 Things Tuesday, one of the highlights of my week. It's taken on a life of it's own here in J'boro, but she will always be the original "thankful person" in my book.

Now, here are some photos from Sophie's end of the year carnival:

First, Sophie and her beloved Mrs. Kelly. (Don't ask me why she's making a face. Oh yeah, because I am taking her picture.)

A little "pretend you are dead and I will draw your chalk outline" fun.

What Sophie does, Maddie does.Sophie sliding down the big slide. This was her favorite part. And, this was the only way she would go down. Head first. Once again, what Sophie does ...My cuties.

Maddie had more fun than anyone else in our family. She thinks she is big stuff. The older kids were super patient with her. (some even played with her! Woo, Maddie!) I didn't get any pictures of the water fun, because I was feeding Eliza. She did so good. Watching all the kids play, just happy as a little clam. (are clams really happy?) No pictures of her, though, since she was on my hip most of the time.

Adios! It's off to get a tan I go!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still thankful

Day 3, day 3 ... here are 10 more who've been a blessing to me!
  1. Jenn - the thing I am thankful for about Jenn is when she was queened at HU. It might sound silly, but college is when I knew her well so that is what comes to mind. I'm thankful for her queen-hood because she truly loved those guys like brothers and was not "bucking" for the title in any way. I've never been so happy to see someone honored like that!
  2. Jennifer - I am thankful that she is a mother. You can tell by the way she writes and the sweet love-letters she posts to her 3 girls that she puts them above all else. She is so very grateful for every moment with them. Even the bad moments have silver linings!
  3. Jenny - my bff! We were friends at Harding, but it was when the Boxes moved to J'boro (actually, after we had Sophie and Lucy) that we really started becoming tight. She's wonderful at everything, a total perfectionist, yet laid-back and easy-going at the same time. She's the peas to my carrots. (I let her be the peas, because I know she hates carrots. :) )
  4. Jill - Another "blogging" friend! I am thankful that Jill has accomplished something that you usually only see on t.v. She's lost 40 pounds and kept it off! That's amazing to me. She is beautiful and even though she and her husband were high school sweet-hearts, she still talks about him like they just had their first date. It's so cute. We should all act like that!
  5. Kathryn - When I first started this blog, I would toot around in the blog world and find people I knew. Kathryn found me! For some reason, it felt really good to be "found". I am thankful that she has a happy life with her husband, Rob up in Virginia.
  6. Kim - I am thankful that Kim is just as bubbly as ever. She has some adorable little boys (with some terrific "little boy hair") and she writes about everything with enthusiasm whether it's some blue flowers (it's a Texas thing) or a local festival. I'm thankful that she is just as I remember her.
  7. Kristen - I am so thankful for her help with Sophie's polka dot party. I had absolutely no direction. We were at Harding at the same time, and I always thought she seemed sweet. However, we didn't really know each other. So, I think it says a lot about her character that she would go out of her way to help me out!
  8. Lisa Beth - I am thankful that I just recently found her blog. She is the mother of an adorable little boy and she is going through all the new mom worries. I remember Lisa Beth as always having a huge smile and the prettiest rosy cheeks!
  9. Liz - This is one of those weird coincidences in life. I found Liz's blog by accident, fell in love with her super-cool decorating style and blog-stalked her. Then, I find out she's a cousin of Chandra's (whom I went to HU with). Huh, how about that. Then, I find out she grew up going to church with my husband in Mountain View, which is a very small place. Okay, great, if there are so many connections, it's no longer blog-stalking - it's just plain ol' stalking. Liz is funny and talented and I am thankful that I now have this dorky story to tell.
  10. Maryann - Oh, to know Maryann is to love Maryann. I am thankful that I knew her at HU and have now found her beautiful blog dedicated to her little "gifts". Maryann's personality is so very warm, she really does think of others before her self. I recommend her list of "simple truths". It will bless you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 more ...

Continuing the thankful theme for the rest of the week. I feel like I should throw in here that there are hundreds (possibly millions?) of others that I am thankful for that are not on my blog roll. I'm a blessed little lady, that's fo sho.

Here are 10 more people I am thankful for!
  1. Chandra - I am thankful for all of her stories about H. I would love to hear a conversation between H. and Sophie. They are both so literal, it would either be super dry or hysterical. Probably both. Chandra, I wish we'd gotten to hang out more at HU, but I'm so thankful for our friendship now!
  2. Dallas - I am thankful for the inspiration! Dallas writes like Jenny McCarthy (without the bad words) and has made me laugh out loud at the computer on more than one occasion. My hubby can always tell if I am reading her blog because I am either laughing or nodding my head. She is a mother of 2 girls very close together and she gets it.
  3. Danielle - I am thankful that I got to sing on the praise team with Danielle. We were the red team? Can't remember, but I had the pleasure of singing with her once or twice a month. She has such a clear voice and she could even make our little alto part sound melodic. :-) I'm glad she chooses to use her talent to praise!
  4. Deborah - I am thankful that Deborah has lived up to everyone's expectations. At HU, she had a reputation for grace and kindness (deservedly so). She is now a wife and mother who loves her family whole-heartedly, but still loves Christ more. Now THAT'S a compliment!
  5. Elizabeth - I am thankful for Elizabeth's creativity. You should see the frames she made for each of her students at pre-school this year! She was my suite-mate Sophomore year and made me laugh all the time. I am also thankful that she was such a good sport through-out all the drama that year! heh heh
  6. Eric and Rebecca - If you know them, then you know what I am thankful for! Their beautiful twins were born at 29 weeks. I am so thankful that you would never know what those girls went through to look at them now! I am also thankful that Eric found someone so terrific to marry.
  7. Gina - Oh, stars, I am thankful for everything about this girl! We met at Student Impact when we were lowly freshmen and were pretty much inseparable after that. She married a wonderful person and has 2 gorgeous little ones and one on the way. I love her so much but even more than that, I just really really like her. Almost all of my fun memories from college involve her.
  8. Hannah - I am thankful that she moved to Jonesboro. She is a very talented seamstress. I hope she teaches me to quilt this summer! She and Brandon made an immediate connection here and we love them. I'm also thankful that we sat together at girl's night out last night. She kept our entire table in stitches!
  9. Jamie - I am thankful that Jamie is so giving. Jamie's favorite quote is, "here, take it!" or "here, just use mine!" She organizes monthly get togethers and is very enthusiastic. And, she totally wins the awesome mommy award. Her twins are precious! Oh, and I am thankful that we worked together the summer of '94. I never would have survived it without her!
  10. Jen - I am thankful to be able to keep up with her through blogging. When she was growing up, I always said that I would like to have little girls that looked and acted just like her. I am so proud of the wife and mother she has become, but every now and then I will picture that adorable little girl that I loved so much.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for a kind word. And Dallas is doing the most amazing thing this week. She's going down her blog roll and introducing each one to her readers. But, the coolest thing is how she's taking the time to be specific and complimentary to each one. What a great praise to our Lord to affirm His created in this way!

I've decided to do something similar with my thankful list this week. And yes, I am totally and completely copying. I will admit to that, too. I have never been a creative thinker. :)

10 People I am thankful for!

  1. Alissa - I am thankful that we directed Student Impact at Harding together. We were very different, but in a great way. That was a fun summer! Glad we've reconnected, my friend. (Oh, and she let me drive her beloved car, Little MO. :) )

  2. Amanda - I am thankful that I met her through blogging. I say "met", but we actually have never met face to face. However, the way she writes makes me feel like I know her well! She has an adorable daughter and is a really fantastic mommy.

  3. Amy Baker - Someday, I'll write a post on how every time I meet an "Amy", I end up loving her. I am thankful for Amy Baker because nothing seems to faze her. She's an inspiration to all of us parents out there in the way she calmly handles anything the world gives her and turns it into blessings. Andrew chose well!

  4. Amy Barrett - I am thankful that Amy and I clicked instantly as friends. From that moment on, we've decided to lead almost identical lives! There's no worrying when we go somewhere about what my girls are wearing, because the Barrett girls will be just as fancy. Especially the baby, Ella! Love you, Barrett!

  5. Amy Griffin - I am thankful that Amy transferred to Harding our sophomore year. From our first meeting, I was laughing every time I was with her. She also has one of the sweetest hearts. See her post about the yard babies.

  6. Amy Shumate - I am thankful that she is my friend and has found something that she is ridiculously good at. We went through a hard time together, and I'm thankful we had each other at that time. Amy is the most genuine person I know. Everything she says rings completely true.

  7. Andria - I am thankful that Andria and I are friends after all this time. It takes a special connection to be able to maintain a relationship that long and I credit her. She has lived the fun and adventurous life that most of us fantasize about. Memphis may not be as exciting as New York or L.A., but I am glad she is back in the area.

  8. Ashleigh - I am thankful for Ashleigh's loyalty to her friends. She's a running buddy to me, a shopping buddy to Jamie, pretty much some sort of "buddy" to everyone she comes into contact with. I am also thankful that she did my make-up and removed the axle grease from my veil on my wedding day. :)

  9. Carrie - I am thankful for Carrie's devotion. She is devoted to her husband and adorable boys. It is so clear in her writing. She also has set up a blog Bible study. I admire her so much for working on that. It takes a lot of effort to type out those scriptures each week. She is very aware of how much God has blessed her.

  10. Chad and Marti Jo - I am thankful that they have found each other. They were each our friends before they were married and it's fun to do things together as couples now. We don't get to as much as we would like (because of all the little princesses), but now that they are expecting their first little princess, maybe they will slow down and we will get to see them more often!

Woo-hoo! Thank you, Lord, for each of these people. They have blessed my life in so many different ways!

I'll be doing this all week!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Give this a try ...

This is my newest obsession: Gifts That Give More. It has bunches of different charitable gifts that you can give that range in price from $1 (for various things) to $130 (pay for a year of education for females in rural Africa). We chose to "feed a family for 5 weeks" in honor of each of our mothers this year for Mother's Day. There are so many cool things to do and I want to do all of them!
What's really fantastic with most (maybe all) of the gifts is that 100% of the money goes to the charity instead of a percentage taken out by the web-site host. There were no taxes or shipping charges, either!
It just feels better than buying more stuff, you know?
And I know that Jeff and I were trying to do home-made/hand-made this year, but maybe it was just a tad over-ambitious to think we could do that for each gift occasion this year! Still trying,though!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

skirtini - the minivan of bathing suits

Quick, what's your least favorite thing to do? I'm talking about your most hated activity. Raise your hand if you said "try on bathing suits"! You must be female.

I haven't tried on bathing suits since right before leaving on my honeymoon. It was a *shhh* bikini. (sorry if that scandalizes you, mother!) A teeny tiny bikini. Let's just say the suits I tried on today were the opposite.

It's not like I've been wearing that bikini for the last 6 years. The last 4 summers I've worn the same ugly pink maternity bathing suit. (that I ordered online and it never really fit no matter what trimester I was in.) I was going to wear it again this summer, but the bottoms don't fit.

My plan was - get something solid colored and then have one of my talented friends embroider one of these phrases on it: mother of 3 or recently gave birth or see all these kids? cut me some slack. Ooohh, maybe I could do all three, graffiti style, with 3 kids in 3 years (my excuse for every flaw) scrawled across the booty!

So, I tried on something new for me. A skirtini. Sounds very cute and flirty,no? Well ....... alright, I thought it was! It covered a lot of sag without making me feel ridiculous. I know you are thinking "oh, cool, Danna's wearing cu-lottes at the beach" but it's really more like a running skirt or short tennis skirt. I'm sold on the things. Since it covers so much, the skirtini method gives you lots more options which means getting to choose based on cuteness factor and not on least fatty factor.

It is possible, I just realized, that I may be the last to board the skirtini train. It has been 6 years, after all.

a quote:
talking about her cousin's upcoming birthday and how she will be turning 4 ...
"Sophie, how does it feel to be four?"

Sophie Ramsey, T.M.I - my normally soft-spoken daughter found her volume just in time to announce this little gem while we were in line to eat at a restaurant Sat. night, "DADDY! MY PANTIES WERE STUCK TO MY BOTTOM AND I GOT THEM OUT ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen Thursday - Toy Edition

I was working on the playroom today, trying to fit all the toys (junk) in there and still have room to play. Ironic, isn't it, that there is no room to play in a playroom? I'd like to just gut the thing and have it be a big dance space :) but, they need their play kitchen. They would just die without their easel. They cannot play without their big castle tent and don't get them started on their princess table and chairs. For real, you can't even sit down in there. Their toys are HUGE. Fortunately, we are one gender, so at least there is a sort of theme. But, let's be honest, I don't really care about themes. The toy clutter is stressing this momma out! The silver lining here is that I started feeling nostalgic for the toys of yesteryear. The old "eighties greaties", if you will.

13 toys I loved as a kid

  1. colorforms

  2. Barbies. I'd put baby oil in their hair and then give them a really bad haircut.

  3. Raggy Ann. I pulled all of her hair out.

  4. Lite Brite

  5. Paper dolls. Sometimes I got store bought ones, but mostly Billie and I would just cut them out of the Sear's catalog and give them names. (such as ... Danna... and Billie)

  6. Glamour Girls. Remember those? They looked like miniature barbies.

  7. Pogo ball

  8. Long stitch. It was like embroidery on canvas with really big yarn.

  9. My stuffed Raspberry Tart (Strawberry Shortcake's friend) and Simon (Alvin the chipmunk's friend). I always liked the friends better than the "star".

  10. Puzzles. When I got rich and famous, I was going to have a Puzzle Room.

  11. A little record player and those books that the records would chime when you were supposed to turn the page.

  12. Lots and lots of books. Mostly Pippi and Ramona and Anastasia

  13. A dollhouse that someone made (maybe my Dad?). It had some major 70's decor and wasn't sanded or anything so I always got splinters and it had some nails sticking out. Know what, though? I played with that thing everyday. I thought it was awesome. Or rad. Can't remember what I would have called it back then.

There you go. 13 wicked cool toys. Any I missed?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
Okay, I can't talk about this (or won't talk about it, I don't know) but keep my mom in your prayers. Cancer stinks.....

Alright, let's count our blessings, shall we? Just a warning: I'm feeling a little ... what's the word ... wordy. :-)

  1. Could it be? I have another new favorite song? Why yes, and it makes me happy! Go ahead and try not to dance to this one.

  2. Maddie did cheers for Eliza the entire time I was in the shower today, complete with pom-poms and cheerleading outfit. (I know this because they were in the bathroom with me. I learned my lesson, yesterday!)

  3. 11 days until we leave for Florida! Woo hoo hoo hoo!

  4. I'm going to start smocking for people! I wasn't trying to be secretive before, I was still making up my mind if I wanted to do it or not. And I do! Just finished a baby gift for Jenny, a bishop for my beautiful niece, and starting Gina's gift for little Ellis. Working on the web page, as we speak! If you would like something smocked, let's work together to create something adorable!

  5. Sweet tea. And I make it so sweet, you could have it for dessert.

  6. My husband. We may be total opposites, but we never run out of stuff to talk about and we laugh every day. And he's cute. :-)

  7. Eliza is army crawling! We've never had one do this and it looks hilarious to us.

  8. Dermoplast antibacterial pain relieving spray. It's been boo-boo central here at the Ramsey house lately.

  9. My girls have friends that they love like family. They pray for them at night.

  10. I have more girlfriends in my life right now than I ever have. I love it! My friend Julie W. (whom I consider a friend even though she likes to remind me of the fact that she used to baby-sit me) told me that she will never forget the days she was a stay at home mom and the relationships she formed. Oh, how she's right! Stuff I used to fuss about, now I vent to my girlfriends and we laugh until we cry. Okay, sometimes, we just cry. Either way, it's special and I am so very grateful for it!

God is good!

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Monday ... and it's weird

Why is it that when it is cold and rainy, your children stand at the door and whine that they are bored, but when it is beautiful and sunny, they spend the entire morning inside in a tent?

I was leaning over helping Sophie find playhouse Disney on the computer and Maddie sweetly says, "Mommy, I LOVE your bootie." Thanks, Hon. You're one of the reasons it is what it is.

Well, I dared to take a shower while Eliza was taking a nap and got out to find this: Sophie's excuse was that she heard her in there laughing and just wanted to know what she was laughing at. Don't be fooled. Eliza is not sitting up, Sophie is propping her up and dropped her right after I took the picture. Eliza may never sit up ...

I have something new to add to my "things I am afraid of" list - Yo Gabba Gabba.

Myself and my 3 ladies went to the Horizon concert today. Ever since we got home the girls have been playing concert with their microphones and shoebox guitar. All they will sing are Christmas songs, though. Weird.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, we finally made it back to the old Center Hill Church of Christ (pronounced Sinner Hill, if you are a good local) and it's always like a family reunion for me. Granted,the only members that I am actually related to are my parents and sister. It is like a family reunion though, because when I leave I am exhausted (in a wonderful way) from all the hugs and the times I repeat certain phrases.

Yes, I have a bazillion children.

Why thank you for saying my bazillion children are cute!

Congratulations on your marriage, kid,graduation,etc.!

I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Going back to my "home congregation" makes me want to sing the cheer's theme song. Indulge me for a moment (or sing along!):

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came. You wanna go where you can see troubles are all the same. You wanna go where everybody knows your name. Dah dah dah dah dum dum.

Wasn't that fun? (I'm not sure about the lyrics. That's the way I sing it, though.)

Today my dad gave me the greatest compliment of my life. He said I was a good mom. Okay,so he doesn't see me on the days I'm at the end of my rope, haven't had a shower, and my house is just ridiculous. But oh, it made me feel so good! And I can't take a bit of credit. I have had the kindest mother of all time. And grandmother of all time. And now I have the best mother-in-law. Obviously, God knew I was going to need a lot of help. So let's just stop right now and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Thank you, Lord, for surrounding me with kind women, with strong women, and women who love you and want to do what you say. Thank you that there are women who love my children almost as much as I do. Thank you for all the stories in the bible concerning women, so we have some examples to look to. And thank you for allowing me to be a mother. Amen!

I love you, ladies.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

13 Thursday

Ooooh, 13 Thursday on a Thursday! I am getting so good at this. :-)

Today's topic is fear. Yes, Ash just blogged about this. However, I found something in the yard today that made this topic fresh on my mind.

13 Things I am Afraid Of:

  1. Ob-Gyn visits

  2. Bugs (technically, I am afraid of all the little legs)

  3. Losing a family member or a close friend

  4. Confrontation

  5. Waxing of any kind

  6. Disability

  7. Debt

  8. Not being the parent I need to be

  9. Bird doo-doo on my van (right after it's washed, happens every time)

  10. Letting people down

  11. Sharks (maybe a little irrational in land-locked AR)

  12. Wearing shorts

  13. Dolls. Dolls freak me out. Especially dirty dolls. And today I found this - Yuck and double yuck! I'm going to have nightmares from this one. p.s. Barbies are okay.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Okay, file this under "nobody's going to care about this but Danna" (and maybe Nana and Grammy), but since this blog doubles as a baby book/scrapbook there are a few things I want to get down on cyber-paper.

Firstly, I want to remember feeding time with Eliza. She got to eat pears today, which I've been holding off on because they were like baby crack for my other two. Once you have pears ... you know what they say. Anyhoots, I give her the first bite of pears and she looks confused (like she always does). THEN, she makes eye contact and gives me the biggest grin of all time. Like I had just given her edible gold. Pure baby joy! It was, quite possibly, one of the cutest things ever. Hard to describe in words, but when I read this, I will remember what it looked like.

Second, the girls asked me to come outside to see their "show" they had worked up. I was so excited! I've heard about kids who put on shows and then grow up to be famous celebrities and what-not. Well, their "show" consisted of Sophie hula-hooping and Maddie bouncing on the ball. At the same time, mind you. I said, "Oh, you are playing circus!" "No, I'm hula-hooping." says Sophie. Okay, what-evs. So they won't become celebrities.This last picture is just because it made us laugh. She's the Michael Jordan of bouncy balls.Oh, congrats to Angelia and Jeff Herren! God is so so so good. And His timing ...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Hip, hip, hooray!

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. I have a new favorite song! I love new favorite songs.

  2. Mrs. Kelly has a stash of Dora band-aids. My usually super-coordinated child must be going through a growth spurt or something, because she is just one boo-boo after another. Fortunately, Dora was there for her three separate accidents at school today. (three!)

  3. I got to see my mom today. :-)

  4. After my running class yesterday, I realized that I might not be changing my outsides as much or as fast as I want, but my insides are getting a lot healthier. We ran for 12 consecutive minutes! It may not sound like a lot, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done that before.

  5. My girls taught me some new dance moves. It looks a lot like bunny hopping in a circle.

  6. We ate home-made pizza for supper!

  7. The older two helped. (Well, Maddie bailed pretty soon after we started. But Sophie helped a lot.)

  8. Amy brought me something today and she has no idea how much it is going to help me!

  9. The stimulous is coming! (some have already gotten theirs!)

  10. My husband is enthusiastic about my latest scheme. You've got to love him. :-)

God bless you , my friends!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My addiction

Hello, my name is Danna, and I am a fabric-holic. I am addicted to fabric. It's taking over our home.
Here are the reasons I think it's an addiction:
I hide my stash.

This is our china hutch in the dining room. (pretty ingenious, right?)

I get defensive.
Jeff cleaned out the hall closet and found all of this. He said, "hey, you think you can find some place to put this?" My inner voice said, "I did find a place to put it. The hall closet."

I justify my behavior.
But who could resist this fabric! Lime green and hot pink gingham! Gorgeous pale pink and pale yellow batiste. Yummy! The poopy camera doesn't to it justice.

I have enablers.
See all this fabric? All I paid for was the lollipops.

I need help.

Quote for the day:
When I get big, I'm going to get a different face and join the circus. - Sophie Jane

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ahhh ... Sunday

What makes a day a great day?

Obviously, I can't describe it. There have been days that I have looked forward to for months that have been enormous let-downs and there have been days full of nothing that have been just perfect. Today was the latter.

A day full of one laugh after another. We busted out the sprinkler and the girls got to play in their clothes and not only that, but Daddy got in on the action.

Then I came through the kitchen to find Eliza dressed up like a princess. (This is a rite of passage in our home. I'm sure even Jeff has worn that crown a time or two.) There were two giggly girls but neither would admit to dressing up their baby sister.

It made me think, what has been my favorite day? (I'd like to say the days my girls were born, but favorite is not the word I'd use. More like painful.) My wedding day was pretty great. I wasn't stressed at all, and nobody around me was stressed that I recall. Just a nice, low-key sunshiny day.

Hmmm.... my favorite day ever .... I'm going to give this some thought.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ladies' Breakfast

Something really cool this morning - our Sunday school class had a ladies' breakfast. It was decided by someone higher up (maybe Polly? she's a minister's spouse, that trumps deacon's wife) that we should get together the first Saturday of the month. My dad has been going to a "men's breakfast" at Couch's since I was a little kid and loves it. He almost never misses it. I'm starting to get it.
What I thought was great about it was that the only things we all had in common were that we were female and we loved the Lord. Some had kids, some didn't. Some worked, some didn't. Some were well-off, some were paycheck to paycheck. Some were dieting, some were eating poppy-seed muffins (with way too many poppy-seeds, one might say).
But whether we work or not, whether we're introverts or extroverts, we need that fellowship time. I may be way off here, but I believe that is why God called us to come together in worship. We can praise Him when we are all alone (and we should!) but until we are up there in His presence, it is a physical comfort in this world to praise with others. And to talk with others. And to laugh with others!
May God bless you, my friends, just like I was blessed today!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ramsey Renovations

Thirteen Thursday on Friday (as usual)

Here are 13 home improvement projects for us Ramseys. That's right, 13!
  1. Finish the deck. (front steps, stain or treat)
  2. Paint laundry room
  3. Put up wainscoting in bathroom
  4. Decide on shower curtain for bathroom
  5. Redo closet shelving
  6. Bunk the girls beds
  7. Decide on something for the walls in their room
  8. Paint Eliza's room (I have no idea what...)
  9. Get cork board panels for the playroom
  10. Figure out a labeling system for playroom storage (canvas buckets)
  11. Finish painting the kitchen
  12. Make drapes for the living room and dining room
  13. Stain all furniture to match (or at least coordinate, for pete's sake)

These are just the things I would like to accomplish by the end of summer. I could have come up with 13 for each room! Does anyone ever have a house that is totally finished? Well, besides Chrissie Wright?

Oh, and the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog came this week and I'm completely re-motivated to do something with my children's rooms! Plus, I am in love with those little personalized Adirondack chairs in all the bright colors.

Anyone living in the J'boro area are welcome to come over and pitch in. (especially with any decorating decision) Um, you won't get paid. But, think of how good it will feel to help out a neighbor. hee!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Circus Rocks!

Just got back from the old Greatest Show on Earth. (Well, phase one of the Ramseys came home. Jeff and the older two stayed for the whole she-bang. (she-bang) ) I guess I am officially Super-Dork, because I loved it!

I remember going to see it in Memphis when I was a kid. You know, back in the day when they actually had 3 rings in a "3 ring circus". My favorite thing then was still my favorite thing tonight - the rope acrobats. Sorry, I have no pictures but you know what I am talking about. The ladies that do flips and twirls up in the air with nothing but a rope. When I was a child, I loved it because I thought I could probably do it. (?!?) Obviously ... I was delusional. Still, now that I have an appreciation for what they are actually doing, I think I enjoyed it even more. (see? Super-dork.)

There were some slow times. They had this dude with a bad french accent (Sandi, it was probably your Sonic guy :) ) and it was kind of boring. The jugglers were fantastic, I thought. And elephants! And white tigers! The tight-rope walkers were cool, too. They did some trick where the girl did a hand stand that looked very difficult. They really should have had a trapeze artist or two, in my opinion. Oh, have I not introduced myself? Danna Ramsey, Circus Critic.

I'm so glad we went. The girls alternately were asking for every little souvenir that passed by and glued to the action. They did think the weeny dogs were pretty entertaining. Eliza liked all the music. :-)

And that concludes my essay on the circus.

A story for Auntie:

On the way there, we were talking about what we would see.

There will be elephants! I say

Yay! say the girls




silence. Then, Oh, you mean razorbats. Yay!