Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen Thursday - Toy Edition

I was working on the playroom today, trying to fit all the toys (junk) in there and still have room to play. Ironic, isn't it, that there is no room to play in a playroom? I'd like to just gut the thing and have it be a big dance space :) but, they need their play kitchen. They would just die without their easel. They cannot play without their big castle tent and don't get them started on their princess table and chairs. For real, you can't even sit down in there. Their toys are HUGE. Fortunately, we are one gender, so at least there is a sort of theme. But, let's be honest, I don't really care about themes. The toy clutter is stressing this momma out! The silver lining here is that I started feeling nostalgic for the toys of yesteryear. The old "eighties greaties", if you will.

13 toys I loved as a kid

  1. colorforms

  2. Barbies. I'd put baby oil in their hair and then give them a really bad haircut.

  3. Raggy Ann. I pulled all of her hair out.

  4. Lite Brite

  5. Paper dolls. Sometimes I got store bought ones, but mostly Billie and I would just cut them out of the Sear's catalog and give them names. (such as ... Danna... and Billie)

  6. Glamour Girls. Remember those? They looked like miniature barbies.

  7. Pogo ball

  8. Long stitch. It was like embroidery on canvas with really big yarn.

  9. My stuffed Raspberry Tart (Strawberry Shortcake's friend) and Simon (Alvin the chipmunk's friend). I always liked the friends better than the "star".

  10. Puzzles. When I got rich and famous, I was going to have a Puzzle Room.

  11. A little record player and those books that the records would chime when you were supposed to turn the page.

  12. Lots and lots of books. Mostly Pippi and Ramona and Anastasia

  13. A dollhouse that someone made (maybe my Dad?). It had some major 70's decor and wasn't sanded or anything so I always got splinters and it had some nails sticking out. Know what, though? I played with that thing everyday. I thought it was awesome. Or rad. Can't remember what I would have called it back then.

There you go. 13 wicked cool toys. Any I missed?


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

What about the mon chi chi's or perhaps Shirt Tails???

Jenny said...

I'm so glad someone else knows what a mon-chi-chi is!! I have to say I was also in love with Hot Wheels City.

EB said...

Okay, I loved the long stitch, and who could ever forget Blueberry Muffin and Apple Dumpling? You are too cute. Oh, and by the way, no matter how much I clean out the toys from our playroom, it still explodes every day!! How do you do it with three???

Amy Mc. said...

Don't forget the The Cabbage Patch Kid. I spent hours playing with Opal Joanne and Samantha Rose (I do not know why I never changed their names). I also loved anything by Judy Bloom.

Hannah said...

Great list of toys. I had girl toys, but I also played with hot wheels and Transformers. And, I always wanted a Pound Puppy, but I never got one. I had a couple of Cabbage Patch Kids, though.

Amy Barrett said...

DId you ever get into those weaving things where you could make your own pot holders? I loved those.

What is a mon chi chi?

mom said...

The dollhouse was built by Mike Brown (you know, Russell's Dad)and I do remember you playing with it so much. You also loved bike riding! By the way I loved the picture of Eliza from yesterday's blog.

Stephanie said...

I was a tomboy when I was a little girl and I loved Voltron! I remember wanting the toy but my parents wouldn't buy it for me.

Amanda said...

I loved that toy list -- what a trip down memory lane. I had a Poochie dog/doll that I loved? Didja have one of those?

Chandra said...

I loved My Little Ponies. I also loved playing with my brother's Castle Grayskull. Teela was way cuter--and less butch--than She-Ra. I thought it was unfair that I would play that with him, but he wouldn't be Ken when I wanted to play Barbies. Darn double standards.

Andria said...

What about He-Man? Am I the only girl that was obsessed withe She-ra and THE POWER OF GREYSKULL?

Danna Ramsey said...

My colorforms were shirt-tails. I can't believe I forgot about Cabbage Patches! Good old Lula Barbette. I do remember poochies and those little potholder-makers. My brother had the good boy toys. I spent a lot of time with He-man and Man-E-Faces and Snake Mountain because it had a pretend microphone attatched to it.

Deborah said...

This is cracking me up! I loved My Little Ponies, and even had the nursery for the Pony Babies. Do you remember the Heart Family? It was the "husband-wife" version of Barbie and Ken that I was allowed to play with. I also had my Cabbage Patch doll, Julia Evelina, and my sister's boy C.P. doll was named Eugene Jaque.

p.s. Simon was my favorite chipmunk too!

Polly said...

I was lucky enough to have 4 cabbage patch kids! One with red hair and pig tails, one with red curly hair, one baby girl with no hair and the pacifer, and one baby boy with the little blond patch of hair on top. Good times, good times!

Sandi said...

I loved me some My Little Ponies. We still have my collection at my parents' house. I used to have talent shows and beauty contests with my My Little Ponies and Barbies. I also played with Tinkertoys and Pick Up Sticks and Little People with a schoolhouse and regular house.