Friday, May 2, 2008

Ramsey Renovations

Thirteen Thursday on Friday (as usual)

Here are 13 home improvement projects for us Ramseys. That's right, 13!
  1. Finish the deck. (front steps, stain or treat)
  2. Paint laundry room
  3. Put up wainscoting in bathroom
  4. Decide on shower curtain for bathroom
  5. Redo closet shelving
  6. Bunk the girls beds
  7. Decide on something for the walls in their room
  8. Paint Eliza's room (I have no idea what...)
  9. Get cork board panels for the playroom
  10. Figure out a labeling system for playroom storage (canvas buckets)
  11. Finish painting the kitchen
  12. Make drapes for the living room and dining room
  13. Stain all furniture to match (or at least coordinate, for pete's sake)

These are just the things I would like to accomplish by the end of summer. I could have come up with 13 for each room! Does anyone ever have a house that is totally finished? Well, besides Chrissie Wright?

Oh, and the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog came this week and I'm completely re-motivated to do something with my children's rooms! Plus, I am in love with those little personalized Adirondack chairs in all the bright colors.

Anyone living in the J'boro area are welcome to come over and pitch in. (especially with any decorating decision) Um, you won't get paid. But, think of how good it will feel to help out a neighbor. hee!


Chad said...

We've got a few things you can add to Jeff's list, too, especially when it comes to the closet shelves!!:) We're needing some major re-do in the closets. Looking forward to seeing all your finished products! Oh, yeah - Pottery Barn is great!! We wish thru those catalogs every chance we get!

Jill said...

Girl, you sound like me! I have an endless list of things to be done around the house. Good luck!