Monday, May 5, 2008

My addiction

Hello, my name is Danna, and I am a fabric-holic. I am addicted to fabric. It's taking over our home.
Here are the reasons I think it's an addiction:
I hide my stash.

This is our china hutch in the dining room. (pretty ingenious, right?)

I get defensive.
Jeff cleaned out the hall closet and found all of this. He said, "hey, you think you can find some place to put this?" My inner voice said, "I did find a place to put it. The hall closet."

I justify my behavior.
But who could resist this fabric! Lime green and hot pink gingham! Gorgeous pale pink and pale yellow batiste. Yummy! The poopy camera doesn't to it justice.

I have enablers.
See all this fabric? All I paid for was the lollipops.

I need help.

Quote for the day:
When I get big, I'm going to get a different face and join the circus. - Sophie Jane


Amy Barrett said...

If you come to my house you will feel much better about your stash because I too have an addiction to buying fabric! It started as an affair with Hobby Lobby and Hancocks but now it is online designer fabrics. I have 3 large storage bins crammed FULL. I feel your pain. We shouls start a club.... OH and discuss things to do with the fabric at the club :)

Sandi said...

You are hilarious. And addicted.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Hello, my name is Jamie and I too have a problem, and Ashleigh is a BIG part of my fabric addiction. We shop together (bad idea) and she says, here wouldn't this make a cute __________ (fill in the blank) and I always buy it. I have an entire closet dedicated to fabric. Thankfully Brian never goes in there or I think he would have a small heart attack. Word to the wise...don't go fabric shopping with Ash, your husband will thank you for you, AG!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

P.S. Amy Barrett, I have a feeling if we have a club and meetings the only thing we will talk about is sales for the fabric and where to get more. We are addicts, not recovering addicts :)

Amber said...

Okay, I am making my comment debut!!! After a few months of stalking, I feel relieved to be outed! ha Seriously, you should do a sewing workshop in your home for some of us less domesticated wives. I would pay to learn how! Also, Dustin does sound like an angel!

Amanda said...

Your post had me laughing from start to finish. I love your fabric addiction -- I greatly admire anyone who can sew. What is batiste? That sounds fancy!

And I go through the same thing with my hubby about finding places to put my junk (I'm a little unorganized, but hey, I make it work, so who cares, right?).

Amy Griffin said...

You do great things with the fabric...therefore NOT an addiction. You should see my thread collection! It is pretty bad too.

Anntie said...

I have a few ideas for your fabric...:) AND I need a hairbow lesson SOON. I almost paid $8 for a bow yesterday. The only thing that kept me from it was the hope that you would soon teach.

Abby wants to ask Sophie where she's going to get her new face.

Jenn said...

Oh MY WORD!! You are so funny...I was the same way when I had time to I just don't even walk into the fabric stores! he he he

Jill said...

You are so funny! I loved reading this post! I too, love to sew but finding the time has been difficult! Maybe next fall when both my girls are in school!

Polly said...

I would come to a class at your house too! Amber and I could be your first students!

Nikki said...

I am laughing so hard right now b/c all I can envision is the episode of Friends where Monica has to come clean about her closet that Chandler has no idea what lies behind its door. Funniest episode are such a Monica!!!