Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still thankful

Day 3, day 3 ... here are 10 more who've been a blessing to me!
  1. Jenn - the thing I am thankful for about Jenn is when she was queened at HU. It might sound silly, but college is when I knew her well so that is what comes to mind. I'm thankful for her queen-hood because she truly loved those guys like brothers and was not "bucking" for the title in any way. I've never been so happy to see someone honored like that!
  2. Jennifer - I am thankful that she is a mother. You can tell by the way she writes and the sweet love-letters she posts to her 3 girls that she puts them above all else. She is so very grateful for every moment with them. Even the bad moments have silver linings!
  3. Jenny - my bff! We were friends at Harding, but it was when the Boxes moved to J'boro (actually, after we had Sophie and Lucy) that we really started becoming tight. She's wonderful at everything, a total perfectionist, yet laid-back and easy-going at the same time. She's the peas to my carrots. (I let her be the peas, because I know she hates carrots. :) )
  4. Jill - Another "blogging" friend! I am thankful that Jill has accomplished something that you usually only see on t.v. She's lost 40 pounds and kept it off! That's amazing to me. She is beautiful and even though she and her husband were high school sweet-hearts, she still talks about him like they just had their first date. It's so cute. We should all act like that!
  5. Kathryn - When I first started this blog, I would toot around in the blog world and find people I knew. Kathryn found me! For some reason, it felt really good to be "found". I am thankful that she has a happy life with her husband, Rob up in Virginia.
  6. Kim - I am thankful that Kim is just as bubbly as ever. She has some adorable little boys (with some terrific "little boy hair") and she writes about everything with enthusiasm whether it's some blue flowers (it's a Texas thing) or a local festival. I'm thankful that she is just as I remember her.
  7. Kristen - I am so thankful for her help with Sophie's polka dot party. I had absolutely no direction. We were at Harding at the same time, and I always thought she seemed sweet. However, we didn't really know each other. So, I think it says a lot about her character that she would go out of her way to help me out!
  8. Lisa Beth - I am thankful that I just recently found her blog. She is the mother of an adorable little boy and she is going through all the new mom worries. I remember Lisa Beth as always having a huge smile and the prettiest rosy cheeks!
  9. Liz - This is one of those weird coincidences in life. I found Liz's blog by accident, fell in love with her super-cool decorating style and blog-stalked her. Then, I find out she's a cousin of Chandra's (whom I went to HU with). Huh, how about that. Then, I find out she grew up going to church with my husband in Mountain View, which is a very small place. Okay, great, if there are so many connections, it's no longer blog-stalking - it's just plain ol' stalking. Liz is funny and talented and I am thankful that I now have this dorky story to tell.
  10. Maryann - Oh, to know Maryann is to love Maryann. I am thankful that I knew her at HU and have now found her beautiful blog dedicated to her little "gifts". Maryann's personality is so very warm, she really does think of others before her self. I recommend her list of "simple truths". It will bless you!


Kathryn said...

I love that you are sharing all of your connections! It's fun to see how everyone knows one another. I remember being so happy to find you in blogland and reconnecting after almost 10 years. Wow!

Kim said...

Hello! What is so funny is that I, too, ran across your blog from one of our mutual friends (I don't even know which one!) and loved your blog! What beautiful girls you have. What blessings they are to you-it's so very obvious just by reading.
I look forward to keeping up with you in the blog world. Which, by the way, seems to offer the missing link to find everyone you ever knew at HU!

Jenn said...

You crack me up...I think you liked my queen-hood so much because you set it up you big joker!! I will NEVER forget that night and our "talk" in the swing!!! LOVE IT!!!

Kristen said...

Glad to help with the party! I love how blogging helps me connect and know people that I didn't get to many years ago.

Jill said...

You are so sweet Danna! I'm glad that I had the chance to get to know you in 'blogland"!!!

Liz said...

Awww... you're too sweet! I stalk your blog too, so it's even. :)