Friday, May 23, 2008

Finishing up and party pics

Here are the lasties but not leasties!

  1. Nikki - I am thankful that I found her through the 10 things Tuesday lists. She teaches 5th grade and I love reading her blog and thinking about my former teacherhood. She also has the gift of edification and loves to help others "keep their heads up". Super person and great new friend!

  2. Polly - I see Polly all the time, but have really gotten to know the real her through her blog. I am thankful that Polly can give and give and give. She gives loads of time and love to her family, guidance to the new parents that she teaches, and comfort to those whose children have also been diagnosed with food allergies like her son Jake. I'll never forget the story of her praying with the couple in Wal-mart!

  3. Rebecca - I am so thankful that Toby found Rebecca. She is warm and hysterical and the poster child for "down to earth". They let each other be who they are and get the biggest kick out of each other. It's really cute. I hope someday that God gives them a little girl, because Rebecca is the fastest bow-maker I have ever seen. :-)

  4. Sandi - I am thankful for Sandi's frankness. She is living a very blessed life, with a fantastic husband and two little boys (with another any day!), and she is very aware of how great this is and thanks God for it. But, she speaks honestly about what it really means to be a wife and mother. It's not a laugh a minute. It's a huge, beautiful responsibility. Of course, I'm also thankful that I knew Sandi in college because her since of humor was just as quirky as mine! :)

  5. Shaila - I am thankful that her son Samuel was in Sophie's class at Mother's Day Out. Sophie was walking one day and pointed him out saying, "that's Samuel. He's sooooooooo cute." (Yeah, she was 2 at the time. No more Disney channel for her.) Anyway, we met through that and now we can keep up through blogging. Yay!

  6. Stephanie - The great thing about Steph is that you really have no idea how you met. You just know her. Everyone knows her. She is infectiously happy and I am thankful to have such a positive person to call my friend.

  7. Trisha - I am so thankful that the Box girls have Trisha as an aunt. Those girls are special to us Ramseys and it sure does make me feel good to know they are loved so much by their Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jason. Trisha's blog is a hoot!

  8. X-box wife - I actually think her name is Jill, but to me she will always be "x-box wife"! I am thankful that she began 10 Things Tuesday, one of the highlights of my week. It's taken on a life of it's own here in J'boro, but she will always be the original "thankful person" in my book.

Now, here are some photos from Sophie's end of the year carnival:

First, Sophie and her beloved Mrs. Kelly. (Don't ask me why she's making a face. Oh yeah, because I am taking her picture.)

A little "pretend you are dead and I will draw your chalk outline" fun.

What Sophie does, Maddie does.Sophie sliding down the big slide. This was her favorite part. And, this was the only way she would go down. Head first. Once again, what Sophie does ...My cuties.

Maddie had more fun than anyone else in our family. She thinks she is big stuff. The older kids were super patient with her. (some even played with her! Woo, Maddie!) I didn't get any pictures of the water fun, because I was feeding Eliza. She did so good. Watching all the kids play, just happy as a little clam. (are clams really happy?) No pictures of her, though, since she was on my hip most of the time.

Adios! It's off to get a tan I go!


Alissa said...

I am just now catching up with your blog from this week. I loved all the thankfulness! You are still the sweetest thing! By the way, Little Mo is no more, but now I have a Honda Odessey, still blue of course. So I guess I've graduated up to Big Mo!

Stephanie said...

Way to go Danna! You have made so many people's weeks with your posts, including mine. I'm actually doing this same thing (in case you haven't seen it yet!) What a blessing you are to so many people!

The White Family said...

I was so shocked to see myself on your list! It made my week though! And I love that Lucy, Lauren, Caroline, and Jenny have you and your girls as such close friends!

Chandra said...

Wow, Maddie has that CSI chalk outline thing down pat! She even has her arm crooked just right! H looks like a big blob when we do his because he doesn't understand the concept of being still. I am pretty sure I'll be hit with the ADHD speech on the first day of preschool.;)

EB said...

So Good Danna!I love the pics of your sweet girls!!!I must say though, I have been reading for months now, and I have yet to see a single picture of you from recent times!! I will say, I always hate posting them of myself, but I know this is who I am Danna, sweet, cute girl, I am waiting to see you!!!! And by the way, you have inspired me to start running!!

Polly said... are so cute! Thanks for the post! I am just that crazy lady who stops and prays with people at WalMart!

maryann said...

Hey! My word....I was just catching up and got the sweetest compliment. Thank you for your kind words. What a tribute to the people in your life.

Amy Griffin said...

Love the pictures - especially the chalk bodies! You guys had a fun week.

Nikki said...

You are precious!!!! Thank you for your thankfulness. Take care girl!!!