Monday, May 19, 2008

Give this a try ...

This is my newest obsession: Gifts That Give More. It has bunches of different charitable gifts that you can give that range in price from $1 (for various things) to $130 (pay for a year of education for females in rural Africa). We chose to "feed a family for 5 weeks" in honor of each of our mothers this year for Mother's Day. There are so many cool things to do and I want to do all of them!
What's really fantastic with most (maybe all) of the gifts is that 100% of the money goes to the charity instead of a percentage taken out by the web-site host. There were no taxes or shipping charges, either!
It just feels better than buying more stuff, you know?
And I know that Jeff and I were trying to do home-made/hand-made this year, but maybe it was just a tad over-ambitious to think we could do that for each gift occasion this year! Still trying,though!


Jenny said...

Speaking of handmade goodies, I love your smocking website. Everyone should look over to the right to click on the link to it. You are very talented!

ashleigh said...

Great idea! We also love the World Vision gift catalog--same idea. Last year we did a small business loan for a lady in Africa in honor of my mom, who successfully ran her own business for 20 years.
Every year, I want to buy someone a goat (in someone's honor, I mean) for Xmas, but MG will never agree.