Friday, February 27, 2009

We were sitting together on the couch ...

Sophie - Do you think Mella yella looks like me?

Me - uh... what?

Sophie - you know, Mella yella. I think she looks like me.

Me - who's Mella yella?

Sophie - pause .... roll eyes ... Mom, Troy and Mella yella?

Just a little High School Musical reference for you. We are sooo hip around here.

And don't you dare tell my kids there are 2 more of those movies out there.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Women Can Run started tonight!!!!!!

I love the first night of anything, because I am an unapologetic people-watcher.

There are always certain people I like to look for. It's kind of like a check list.
  • The lady in bike shorts with panty-hose underneath. Check!
  • The elderly lady who is always going the opposite direction than the rest of the group during stretches. Check!
  • The ones who show up in full make up and bling-y jewelry. Check!
  • And the ones who come to work out in street clothes. (and by street clothes, I mean jeans and khakis. Not hooker ensembles.) Check! Check! Check!

It's good to know some things never change.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Know what this is?

It's Eliza's first tangle!!!!!!!

We knew it was only a matter of time. Actually.... we were wondering what was taking it so long.

Tonight, while we were doing the nightly after-bath comb out, Maddie turns to me, puts her hand on the comb, and says, "I'm okay with the tingles. Go comb Sophie's hair."

Sigh.... glad somebody's okay with those tingles.

Completely unrelated - why is it that kids like to dress so very weather-inappropriate?

Last summer, Sophie and I battled almost daily over a brown sweater that I had forgotten to put away. It makes me sweat a little just to think about it.

Today, it was in the 30's, and so of course, this is what she picks out to wear:

Not only are they summer clothes, but they are Eliza's. And yes those are Eliza's little legs there in the back. She took advantage of "Mommy holding the camera in front of her face" to sneak up the steps.

Sigh again ...

One last photo. Sophie was invited to a Pump it Up Party for her friend Peyton a week ago. As is always the case, Maddie thought it was a party for her. I do believe that she and Lauren had the best time of anyone there!

Oh, and before I forget, guess what movie I watched today!!!!!

I'll give you a hint:

"I want a C..O,O...L! R..I..D..E..R!"

It was awesome.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Here we are again, folks!

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Caffeine free Mountain Dew. It's not as good as regular, so I think it's weaning me off my dependency.

  2. These two girls:

  3. And, this one...

  4. That my parents finally have a generator out at the farm!

  5. Jeff's new work schedule - off an hour early! Woo woo! An extra hour of togetherness... I hope we can survive it. :)

  6. Ladies class and Beth Moore. (even though I have a friend who thinks Beth shouts at her. which I think is pretty funny)

  7. There are no holes in our roof from the ice storm. (It's been raining for two days)

  8. Little Debbies.

  9. Finally bought the fabric for the girls' Easter dresses.

  10. I'm convinced that my friends are the cutest, funniest, sweetest ladies in all of Jonesburr.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Near-death experience. okay, not really.


Today I am out in the f-ree-zing cold pumping some gas.

First, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain in my fingers (no gloves).

Then, I realized that I was getting sleepy... "oh, no!" I thought.

They say when you get sleepy, you are freezing to death and are near the end.

I turned and mouthed my goodbyes to the 3 oblivious little girls in the van, tears streaming down my cheeks, so much I want to say ...

And then the pump clicked and I was finished.

I slide back in the seat, keenly aware that I had just cheated death.

And, I may have exaggerated the tears part.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Oh, baby!

Today I am thankful for ...

  1. Electricity, e-lec-tricty... (anybody else been singing the School House Rock song all week?)

  2. One Mrs. Jenny Box and her mad cupcake skilz

  3. Heat... and light... and cable... and internet. Pioneer woman, I am not. :)

  4. All the quality time I've gotten to spend with my parents and sister this week. Now, if only we can get my brother up here ...

  5. M & M's. Can I get a woowoo?

  6. Yummy smelling candles. We may not have had all those things on #3, but our house smelled good!

  7. My hubs grilled steak tonight. I ate so much I might vomit. In a good way.

  8. Laundry that is semi-caught up. (that's as close as it ever gets.)

  9. No holes in our roof!

  10. The girls are back in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!