Sunday, February 22, 2009

Know what this is?

It's Eliza's first tangle!!!!!!!

We knew it was only a matter of time. Actually.... we were wondering what was taking it so long.

Tonight, while we were doing the nightly after-bath comb out, Maddie turns to me, puts her hand on the comb, and says, "I'm okay with the tingles. Go comb Sophie's hair."

Sigh.... glad somebody's okay with those tingles.

Completely unrelated - why is it that kids like to dress so very weather-inappropriate?

Last summer, Sophie and I battled almost daily over a brown sweater that I had forgotten to put away. It makes me sweat a little just to think about it.

Today, it was in the 30's, and so of course, this is what she picks out to wear:

Not only are they summer clothes, but they are Eliza's. And yes those are Eliza's little legs there in the back. She took advantage of "Mommy holding the camera in front of her face" to sneak up the steps.

Sigh again ...

One last photo. Sophie was invited to a Pump it Up Party for her friend Peyton a week ago. As is always the case, Maddie thought it was a party for her. I do believe that she and Lauren had the best time of anyone there!

Oh, and before I forget, guess what movie I watched today!!!!!

I'll give you a hint:

"I want a C..O,O...L! R..I..D..E..R!"

It was awesome.


Chandra said...

H is the same way. It takes months and months of each season to get adapted to proper clothing. I think it was late January before he started wearing socks and pants. I'm worried summer (in HOUSTON!) is going to be the same way. Long sleeves, pants, and 90 degrees. Love baby's first tangle!

Amy said...

You know, I stumbled on your blog a long time ago and then forgot to bookmark it. Glad you found me so I could re-find you! :) Love your girls - so cute. I look forward to reading about you guys.

Jenny said...

Do you have Sophie doing the dishes? I'm pretty sure my girls can wear whatever they want as long as they do my dishes! :)

Heather said...

cute...just so you know my son has more tangles than my daughter. he wakes up every morning w/ a mini fro..and he hates getting the comb over. we often use a spray bottle designated for tangles or "rats nest" as i like to refer to them. I used to tell him, they would be worse if he got out of bed at night, to try and keep him in his bed.

Kathryn said...

I watched that movie too. "Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock and roll!"

It's so bad that it's actually good. :)

Kim said...

Ok-am I bein' a spaz or do you have Easter examples on your smocking blog? You are doing Easter dresses still-or am I too late??