Friday, February 27, 2009

We were sitting together on the couch ...

Sophie - Do you think Mella yella looks like me?

Me - uh... what?

Sophie - you know, Mella yella. I think she looks like me.

Me - who's Mella yella?

Sophie - pause .... roll eyes ... Mom, Troy and Mella yella?

Just a little High School Musical reference for you. We are sooo hip around here.

And don't you dare tell my kids there are 2 more of those movies out there.


Kim said...

That is hilarious! I'm a closet HSM fan-seen all 3!!!

Kelly said...

We had not seen any of the HSM movies until last Friday night, when we saw the first one in preparation for going to the play at the Forum. Then, tonight, I had the "pleasure" of seeing HSM 3! Unfortunately I see #2 coming soon in my future, too!

Anntie said...

How funny! Abby (gasp) likes Sharpei the best. Everytime she mentions it, I ask her if she was paying attention during the movie. Jude pretends to be Troy every time he plays basketball. He does hoops to "Get your head in the game" in his room on a daily basis. We'll have to have our own little musical next time we get the kiddos together.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that someone has Mella at their mine we have Hannah Onnatanna also known as Miley Syrup. Gotta love it!

Kim Childers