Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Oh, baby!

Today I am thankful for ...

  1. Electricity, e-lec-tricty... (anybody else been singing the School House Rock song all week?)

  2. One Mrs. Jenny Box and her mad cupcake skilz

  3. Heat... and light... and cable... and internet. Pioneer woman, I am not. :)

  4. All the quality time I've gotten to spend with my parents and sister this week. Now, if only we can get my brother up here ...

  5. M & M's. Can I get a woowoo?

  6. Yummy smelling candles. We may not have had all those things on #3, but our house smelled good!

  7. My hubs grilled steak tonight. I ate so much I might vomit. In a good way.

  8. Laundry that is semi-caught up. (that's as close as it ever gets.)

  9. No holes in our roof!

  10. The girls are back in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


maryann said...

Always love to see what you are thankful for!!!

Kim said...

Great list. Yep, I would have never made it in the olden days. And steak, YUM!