Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Here we are again, folks!

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Caffeine free Mountain Dew. It's not as good as regular, so I think it's weaning me off my dependency.

  2. These two girls:

  3. And, this one...

  4. That my parents finally have a generator out at the farm!

  5. Jeff's new work schedule - off an hour early! Woo woo! An extra hour of togetherness... I hope we can survive it. :)

  6. Ladies class and Beth Moore. (even though I have a friend who thinks Beth shouts at her. which I think is pretty funny)

  7. There are no holes in our roof from the ice storm. (It's been raining for two days)

  8. Little Debbies.

  9. Finally bought the fabric for the girls' Easter dresses.

  10. I'm convinced that my friends are the cutest, funniest, sweetest ladies in all of Jonesburr.


Jenny said...

I did think Beth Moore was a little, ummm, intense. Good message and all, just a few decibels too loud. :)
Also, I'm happy for your parents to finally be able to use their house!

Shaila Creekmore said...

That's so funny about Beth Moore, I've hard others say that too. I just wish I had her energy, well, and knowledge too.

Trisha said...

Our girls group gave up on the Beth Moore video~ she yelled too much. We just did the book without her assistance.

Lisa Beth said...

It cracks me up how many people think Beth Moore yells. I'd never noticed, but I guess she does. Still, I'm grateful for her, too.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

By the by, she is totally shouting at us!

Heather said...

we are a good lookin bunch!!! and the kiddos aren't so bad either

Ashleigh said...

oh, beth! i missed hearing her today. well, um, if i had been about 5 more miles toward the east, i probably could have heard her.

har, har, har.

i am not in the picture of the cutest, funniest friends? duly noted.

Stacy said...

I love some Beth Moore.... she is not yelling.... folks, she is just INTENSE! I like that you said "jonesburr"... you're cool like that you know!

Jules said...

I LOVE BETH MOORE!!!!!!!! I always answer her when she says, " Anybody with me on this today?" :)lol

Kristi Barnett said...

I miss Beth Moore....and you girls too!

Kristi Barnett said...

I miss Beth Moore...and ladies bible class.