Sunday, May 31, 2009

This might make you a little jealous

You'll never guess what Mother's Day brought me this year!

I mean it. You'll never guess.


It gets better.

One box had High School Musical 3 shapes.

And one had Hannah Montanas!

Of course, not to be super-cheesy (ooh, a pun!), but nothing will ever top these gifts:

Unless, of course they come out with some Twilight shapes ...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

hold me closer, Tony Danza

Here's my little ballerina girl after her first and last ballet recital. (why no pictures of her during the performance, you ask? Because I ALWAYS forget my camera, that's why.)

We got her progress report, and I pored over it like it was a real report card - all 5's, I was so proud of her.

Okay, it was almost all 5's.

The first thing I noticed about her report was that it was COVERED in writing. Front and back.


It doesn't take front and back to say, "good job!"

She got almost all 5's. One little problem. According to the report, she's not flexible at all. And her teeny little hips rotate in, not out. Evidently very important stuff in ballerina-ville.

I was so sad for her! Nobody wants to be told that their child can't do something!

But, what can you do? So, I built a bridge and got over it.

Okay, so I built a bridge and am now standing at one side looking at all the mature people on the other side.

It's a start.

Fortunately, Sophie informed me the week of her recital that she didn't want to do ballet anymore. She wants to do tap.

The shoes "make more sound."

Oh. Okay.

I wonder how flexible your hips have to be ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Works for me Thursday

Joint birthday parties.

Yes, it's the best invention of all time.

This year Sophie and Eva Grace Barrett held their "friend party" together.

Here's what made it great (oooh, I feel a list coming on!):

  • shared expenses. It's ridiculous how much b-days cost. (Birthdays? More like broke-days. heh heh)

  • shared duties. Sometimes it's not how much you are spending, but how much you have to do that's overwhelming. (check out these awesome party gifts Barrett made!)

  • Someone to reign you in. For example, in the beginning stages of the party we were going to take all the girls to get mani-pedis and then meet up with the boys out at the park. Yes, we were seriously planning a "2 location party" for a bunch of 4 and5 year olds. D-U-M-B.

  • Someone to reign your child in. Anybody else have a child who changes their mind about their party every other day leading up to it? Now you have an excuse to stick to a plan.

  • And of course, the memories. Sharing an event with someone helps you remember it.

Of course, I did forget my camera and the candles (so they just kind of blew on the cake) but, really, that was to be expected.

Daddies grilled, kids played, mommies chatted. Super fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eliza, workin' those heels

She's got my eyes and she's got my thighs ~ Granddad (Dan Stokes)

She's going to kill me for this some day ~ Danna Ramsey