Saturday, May 30, 2009

hold me closer, Tony Danza

Here's my little ballerina girl after her first and last ballet recital. (why no pictures of her during the performance, you ask? Because I ALWAYS forget my camera, that's why.)

We got her progress report, and I pored over it like it was a real report card - all 5's, I was so proud of her.

Okay, it was almost all 5's.

The first thing I noticed about her report was that it was COVERED in writing. Front and back.


It doesn't take front and back to say, "good job!"

She got almost all 5's. One little problem. According to the report, she's not flexible at all. And her teeny little hips rotate in, not out. Evidently very important stuff in ballerina-ville.

I was so sad for her! Nobody wants to be told that their child can't do something!

But, what can you do? So, I built a bridge and got over it.

Okay, so I built a bridge and am now standing at one side looking at all the mature people on the other side.

It's a start.

Fortunately, Sophie informed me the week of her recital that she didn't want to do ballet anymore. She wants to do tap.

The shoes "make more sound."

Oh. Okay.

I wonder how flexible your hips have to be ...


Dwayne said...

Well, tap sounds like a good choice. I vaguely remember something about her father......oh ya...he can help her with that. Haha

Kristi Barnett said...

Avery's reason for quitting ballet was that it was too slow! Sorry about the flexibility thing...I'm right there with her!

Crystal said...

Her legs are probably like Abby's- if you want me to get medically technical, she has a slight curve in her tibia which causes the turn inward instead of rotating outward. So, do lots of butterfly stretches and make sure she sits criss-cross-applesauce whenever sitting on the floor. But, who cares anyways, our girls will get through life on their looks, not their flexibility ;) This was sort of long-winded...

Anntie said...

I don't ever remember touching my toes...could be hereditary.

Kim said...

Boy, she sure has the legs for it!!
Kennedy took ballet from January (2007) to May (2007) Also a first and last recital girl. Mostly due to the fact she wouldn't stand in her spot! Poor teacher.