Monday, October 19, 2009

you have to do it

Ah... October ...

We woke up with no plans on Saturday! So we donned our best pumpkin-picking duds (which, to my older girls means a splash of orange to go along with their usual princess/clown mash-up) , loaded up the family roadster and headed out to that Great Pumpkin Patch, that Mecca for all serious pumpkin pickers ....

the Wal-mart on Highland.

Seriously, dudes, the pumpkins elsewhere were expensive this year.

Anyhoo, we brought them back and then used them as leverage to get the girls to take a nap.

After this, we painted. Guess what colors they chose? Sparkly pink (obvs.), turquoise, purple, and ... orange. Great choices, really. Only, uh, they turned out looking a little ... what's the word ... .........


At least Sophie's was in a moldy "pattern" this year. It was a moldy rainbow. We are very, very, very into rainbows.

Maddie's was moldy blobs. I think she might be into blobs.

Eliza preferred painting with a popsicle stick. And she ate some.

It was non-toxic. This is not a scary story.


Kim said...

So funny!
We've never painted pumpkins before. We've used markers in the past. The paint sounds like way more fun. We'll have to do that this year!

Sandi said...

Look at you, Miss Jumpin' Back Into the Blogosphere! Glad to catch up!

Stacy said...

I can't tell you how much I have missed your blog!!! I love love love your stories, and seeing pictures of your adorable girls just makes my day happier! We have yet to get our pumpkins... we may have to go the Poinsett County mecca for pumpkins... Food Giant! :)