Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's amazing how disconnected you can get when you miss just 2 weeks at church. I had no idea what we were studying in Sunday school and there were two showers today that I didn't even know about until I read the bulletin.

It got me to thinking about those who are out a month, a few months, a year... if it's disorienting coming back after 2 weeks, I can't imagine how tough it is to try to return after "falling away"...

Story for the road- as my older 2 were sitting and eating their oh so healthy supper of popcorn chicken from Wal-mart, the worldly-wise 3-yr-old informs her younger sister that they were not eating chicken strips they were eating chicken berries. Ah, yummy. Exactly what part of the chicken do the berries come from?!?!?

A photo to haunt your dreams:


Marti Jo said...

Ok, so pat yourself on the back for blogging every day!!!! We promise to blog at least once this week after being chastised by you and Jamie Stahl - ha! Loving the blog!
Marti Jo and Chad
P.S. - Thanks for the blurb tip!

EB said...

What a cute picture! You really have your hands full with three under the age of three!! I love your idea about the crafty things! We just painted in our house this weekend, but I can't show a picture until it is a finished room!:) I am so glad you checked out my Coffee Break Blog! I loved your comment, I feel horrible for the person at your church! I would really love to hear your thoughts on things. I hope have a great week!
Carrie Owen Brown