Monday, March 3, 2008

For Women Only

Okay, if there are any random males out there who read this blog, you may want to turn away because we will be discussing nursing. Or, actually, the stopping of nursing. Yes, that's right, I just finished weaning my 4 month old. I tried not to, I even tried all kinds of weird home remedies trying to make it work and it just wouldn't. It's a true wean, though. It's been 48 hrs since I last nursed her and I have had no pain. Absolutely none. Those of you with children understand the significance of this.

So to take my mind off the enormous guilt I'm carrying around I decided to focus on the positive - I can eat! That's right folks, I've been pregnant or nursing for the better part of 4 years. Translation: restricted diet. So, to embrace this I drank 3 cups of coffee (that's right, 3!) and ate chili for lunch and supper. (and for the last hour or so, felt like I could vomit.) Now I feel guilty and nauseous.

Some good news - Carrie Owen Brown has started a Bible study blog! It's on Job. I think it's a fantastic idea. I know I sure can use more time in the Word...

This is what happens during naptime at our house. I was inspired by Kim (Mckinnis) to take a picture this time instead of the usual outburst of frustration. Oh, and Maddie was not wearing that when she lay down. That's, um, Eliza's dress.


EB said...

Hey Danna,
Thanks for the plug about my study blog! You are so sweet! About the nursing...I only lasted 7 weeks with Ben, and I completely dried up with Collin after 4 weeks...he was premature, and my health was an issue..but, I must say it is great to be back on the road to owning your own body again!! So, don't feel guilty! You have paid your dues!! I love the picture of the girls' bedroom after three yr. old, Ben, has a serious problem with demolishing rooms as well, and everytime he comes out of his room, he has re-dressed himself with things out of his dirty clothes frustrating, but what a great idea to take a picture so you can laugh about it instead of being annoyed!!
Carrie Owen Brown

Jenn said...

Girl, don't you DARE feel any guilt! That is why there is formula!! I am loving what you two and chili!!
Love the girls room....I think all kids rooms look like that....the only reason mine don't is because they are in school and don't take naps anymore!! :)

Gina Savage said...

Love the picture idea! I so need to do that instead of venting my frustation. Gracie thinks cleaning up her room is piling everything on her bed. Thanks for the laugh! Enjoy getting your body back. Then tell me how great it is. Hugs to all!!!

Alissa said...

Last night when I went to check on Isaac after he was asleep (you know cover him back up, one more kiss. . .) I found him dead asleep with one tennis shoe one and one off, but still in bed with him. We often find him either naked, or with his pants on backwards too. It's so funny what they do when they are suppose to be putting themselves to sleep!

Chandra said...

Hahaha, I love that you drank 3 cups of coffee. That's exactly what I did, and will do again when the nursing is over. Coffee is what I miss the most!!!