Saturday, March 29, 2008

Show it Saturday - t-shirt

Here is something super simple to do with your kiddos. We used some baby t-shirts (but any size will work!). Inspiration: Pottery Barn Kids.

First, I washed them.

Then I drew some shapes on sheets of felt (25 cents at the Hobby Lobby).

Sophie cut the shapes out and then I just stitched them onto the shirt.

There was no interfacing or glue or ironing, so it is really soft. Just pin them to the shirt and stitch like you are sewing a button. Then take the pins out. :-) Voila!!!! Custom t-shirt for a couple bucks!

I let her pick what shapes to do, so we have an elephant, a bird, a giraffe (which looks more like a dinosaur. I'm not so good at the drawing!) and a square with an "E" for Eliza. Felt is surprisingly easy to cut with her little safety scissors. I did even out some of the jaggedy edges, though.

They were so easy, I'm going to let Maddie do some next time I go to Hobby Lobby.

They would make cute baby gifts!

We've washed them several times and the dye in the felt doesn't bleed onto the shirt nor does it shrink or pucker.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Those are so cute, I think the bird is my favorite. I don't think I have ever seen that polka dot felt. Cute idea.


ashleigh said...

I like the bird, too! Okay, you hand stitched, right--just a plain old straight stitch? I couldn't tell from the pictures. It would be cute with zig-zag, too, but I think it hard to do corners & curves with a machine. It won't be long and Sophie will even be able to SEW the shapes on! :)

Danna Ramsey said...

Ash, that's the idea! Kids could totally do this themselves. Oh, and the bird is a straight stitch, the elephant is a blanket stitch. I like the bird better and it was easier. So, I straight stitched the others.

Stephanie said...

You always have the greatest tips! I'm not creative whatsoever!

Kathryn said...

I am very impressed! These are too cute.

Amy Griffin said...

Those are adorable. I didn't know felt came it cute colors! So, the stupid question - did you sew them by hand or machine. I am telling you, I can do the embroidery but I don't get the sewing stuff!