Thursday, March 6, 2008

Taggie Tag Tag

I've been tagged! (and it's about stinkin' time)

Talent you wish you had? to be able to cook. (somewhere out there my husband is nodding his head...)
What is your theme song? Thank You, Lord

Celebrity role model? they are all kind of hootchie-ish

Reality show you would most like to be on? Dancing With the Stars

Favorite book as a kid? Pippi Longstocking

Dream job? own a fabric store

Secret dream job? to sing in a bar band

Any confessions? I honked at someone in the Wal-Mart parking lot, today

Add a question. Okay, my question is - Which was worse in Jr. high: your hair or your wardrobe? this is a hard question for me, because I believe both of mine were flawless. I was totally rockin that perm and those tight-rolled jeans. (with the two-tone socks and the dexters and the shirt that turned colors when someone touched it... okay, I'll stop.)

Tag 5 - My local bloggies: Jamie, Amy S., Barrett, Marti Jo, Hannah. You're it!

p.s. Shouts to Ashy G. How cool are we for getting up at 5 to run? Aren't we glad we don't have to do it tomorrow?


ashleigh said...

You know, I have felt surprisingly good today, despite the very early start! Maybe it is all that self-righteousness fueling me :)

Hey, I want to see Hannah's blog! Hook me up, girl.

Elizabeth said...

Girl! How are you??? I was thinking about you the other day...wondering where you were! Where is Gina?

Jenn said...

Okay...tell Ashleigh that she needs to let me in on her blog!! I would love to see how they are doing, too! It's been so fun to find all of ya'll after all of these years!!!