Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time To Myself

Had a little me time tonight. The point was to find some new shoes to wear for Easter. I have some navy blue pants with a little pin stripe that are really pretty, but I don't know what color shoes to wear with them. I'm so backward when it comes to fashion. :-)
First stop: Shoe Carnival. The sales persons wouldn't let me be, and I was afraid they might see my unpainted toes. So although they had some pretty shoes, I left.
Next stop: TJ Maxx. Nothing cute for a size 9. (yeah, I know. 5 foot 4 and a size 9 foot. it is fairly ridiculous. I wear a size 10 when I'm pregnant.) Got some cute baby gifts for Ami and Michelle, though.
Then: Old Navy. didn't go for their shoes, it was just right beside TJ Maxx and I had a 15% coupon.
Last: Target. because they had Barbie Mariposa on sale.
Then it was time to go home for bedtime prayers with the little ones.
I can waste time like nobody's business. And, I still didn't get any shoes. ( I got a little distracted from TJ Maxx on.)
Any ideas about what shoes go with navy? And please don't say navy.


Amy said...

Red!!! Wear a white shirt, some red jewelry and red shoes!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

My suggestion is for the blue fuzzy house shoes.


Stephanie said...

HA ha! I like the last comment!

You can never go wrong with white but I like Amy's suggestion of going with red.

Dallas said...

SILVER!!!!! I'm not kidding either. A good friend of mine, very fashionable, wears peep toed silver heels with all of her navy things and she looks AWESOME.

Red is also a good choice.

Stacy said...

SO fun to see your post on my blog! Isn't this internet a crazy thing! It allows you to "see" people you don't ever get to see otherwise. DOesn't it seem like 1200 years ago that we were working at OakWood Elementary? I haven't seen you since that day in Target... I can't remember if I had Ruby Kate yet or not... I think I was preggo maybe? Anyways... I haven't had alot of time to check out your blog, but your girls are BEAUTIFUL and I want to learn how to SMOCK!
Stacy Sample

Stacy said...

forgot to add that I am totally with Amy on the RED accessories!

Sandi said...

I was so going to say blue fuzzy house shoes, too. Shoot!

Andria said...

Start a trend -- barefeet on Easter! Make a lasting impression.