Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Am Really Letting Myself Go...

What a sad day it was...

The girls and I were out running errands today. Stopped by the bank. Got Sonic slushies. Went to Wal-Mart to get formula. As we got to Wal-Mart I realized something. I was still wearing my houseshoes. Not little slippers, either. Big fuzzy blue houseshoes.

Several questions went through my mind:

  • What could have been so urgent that I couldn't take the time to put on decent footwear?

  • Oh no, what if this is actually the real me, and not the frazzled stay-at-home-mom version?

  • If my husband were to have seen me like this before we were married, would he have given me a second glance? (don't want to think about that one!)

  • If I went ahead and shopped in these, do you think anyone would notice?

That's when I realized I needed some help!

Now, I should have seen this coming. I've been going down this path for some time, making excuses all the way. I rarely wear make-up. (Hey, some people think freckles are cute!)

Don't always get a decent shower. (Well, that's what ball caps are for, am I right?)

Wear houseshoes to Wal-Mart. (Um, I guess I'm just losing it.)

To make matters worse, I went into the playroom today and at first couldn't find my own kid!

Just one of those days, I guess.


Kim said...

This had me in stitches!!! Unfortunately I totally understand about the no shower thing. Who would have thought that being a mom meant lowering our hygenie standards?!?!? Hang in there!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Funny!! Thanks for the laugh today, I appreciate it, I needed it! When I started putting the girls hair in ponytails, Sarah one morning as we were getting ready asked if she could wear her hair like Mommy's. Ponytail...alomst every day! Maybe we should start a club!


Stephanie said...

Cute post! I love it!

ashleigh said...

I started wearing tennis shoes at home for pretty much this reason :)
I am a little sad that JM is now too big to go out & about without shoes. Before he was a certified toddler, we did LOTS of shopping and errands in bare/sock feet. Now, I think...that just looks a little trashy. I imagine people whispering behind my back in the checkout line.

I do wear smidge of makeup most days , but LONG LIVE THE PONYTAIL!

Hannah said...

Oh, Danna! You are so funny! I guess the worst thing I have done so far is unknowingly walk around half a day with my nursing bra flaps undone!

Lisa said...

I'm laughing out loud!!! Too funny, Danna.

EB said...

I am cracking up! That sounds like something I would do!! Don't worry, your playroom really looks just like ours! Especially if one of Ben's friends have been over! I love the fuzzy blue slippers!
Carrie B

Kathryn said...

You are too funny! I think we all have our days where everything just seems nutty. At least you were comfy in your cute slippers!

Dallas said...

who cares about the house shoes, you have on a pair of blue jeans! and your legs look really skinny. that is what you should have been focusing on :).

Chandra said...

I would totally do that. My husband still laughs about the day I put my keys in the refrigerator and the butter in the pantry. Sadly, I do things like this often. Yay! I'm not the only one!