Thursday, March 27, 2008

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Oh, X-Box Wife, you should know that I can't resist a list! The point is to make a list of 13. Confession is good for the soul, so here's my list:

13 Confessions

  1. I have very immature eating habits. I still like spaghettios and Kool-aid.

  2. Sometimes I laugh when my little ladies break windies.

  3. My favorite shoes came from Limited Too. For real. My girls don't even shop there.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with reality t.v.

  5. I am the slowest runner in my running class.

  6. I ate dessert tonight even though I didn't finish my supper.

  7. Maddie mispronounces a lot of words and we don't always correct her, because we think it's cute. For example: she calls pickles ... tickles and she calls popsicles ... pickles. Go figure. Cute, though.

  8. I've never done any mission work with my husband. Not even stateside.

  9. I'm 4 weeks behind in my ladies' Bible study.

  10. I drive my van until I'm running on fumes.

  11. Several times I have repeated dirty jokes because I didn't get them.

  12. I don't like to pray in front of people.

  13. I may have said to you that I like surprises, but I don't.

Ah, that does feel good.


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Oh, Danna. I think you and I will be great friends! Glad you're doing this!

Chandra said...

We have a lot in common!
1. B and I laugh when H breaks 'windies' pretty much every time.
2. Reality t.v. is my evil vice. Do you watch Top Model? My fave. Project Runway coming up a close second.
3. I hate running, but if I were to run, I would for SURE be the slowest runner.
4. I have run out of gas more times than I care to count and it drives my husband nuts.
5. I don't like to pray in front of other people.
6. I have eaten dessert in place of dinner before.
...and there's probably more but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. We should've hung out more in college!

ashleigh said...

Danner, Danner...You do love the lists, don't you? That surprises me a little.

Here is what I cannot resist in the reality TV world: season premieres and season finales. My husband watched the entire live finale for Celebrity Apprentice last night, and we have not watched a single episode of Apprentice since the first season like 5 years ago. Also, I have discovered that, while I rarely have someone I want to "win" on these shows, there is always someone I hope loses. Why is that? Maybe, deep down, I am really mean.

PS. You should not worry about being behind for class. This week almost no one was finished with their lesson and we had a wonderful discussion :)

Jenn said...

Okay, your #13 reminds me of the time in college when you called me crying and told me that were so upset and you needed someone to talk to...only for ME to be surprised by 50 TNT guys there to "queen me." (Is "queen me" a real term? probably not) Yeah, you are pretty good at handing out surprises!!! :) Love your list and your shoes...

Danielle Balentine said...

Glad I am not alone in some of those things. For instance--running my truck on fumes. And I never fill my tank all the way up because I can't stand putting over 50 bucks into my truck. YUCK! What a waste of money!!

Dallas said...

Love the shoes! Great "view from the top" again. I might be checking out Limited Too in the future...only I didn't know they made such enormous sizes (ha ha ha ha).