Sunday, March 30, 2008


Alright, after attending not one, but two baby showers today, I feel compelled to talk about something I feel is hugely important- buying handmade.

Now, you know I love to make stuff, but this is not a commercial for me. I don't sell the stuff I make. (For reasons that could fill a whole other post!) This is for those talented stay-at-home-moms out there, who do this to make a little on the side.

Think about your favorite gifts that you have received. Maybe it was a birthday present, or a wedding or baby gift. Or maybe it was just because. If you didn't ask for that favorite gift specifically, chances are it was your favorite because someone made it with only you in mind.

Some of the gifts that people were oo-ing and ah-ing about at the showers today were personalized wipes covers, embroidered towels, and sweet little hand-sewn rompers. (Well, okay, except for me who was drooling over every little bit of baby boy paraphernalia. But, again, a whole other post...) The question everyone kept asking was, "Who made this?"
So, the reasons are many:
  • you support your local mommy economy
  • your money is well-spent (you know you are getting your $ worth)
  • the recipient loves the gift (and isn't that what we all want?)

See? Win, win, win! Here are a list of people who make beautiful hand-made goods: Amy Barrett, Amy Griffin, Jamie Stahl, Kristi Barnett (local who does my pleating).

Sorry to be obnoxious about this, but I feel so very strongly that this is a good thing! End of commercial.

Well okay, since we are on the topic of talented mommies, Amy and Jenny make cakes that belong in magazines! For real, end of commercial.

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Amy said...

I too LOVE to receive handmade gifts! -The beautiful quilt you hand made Ella is one of our favorites. It is so special.

By the way, great commercial! Thanks for the advertising!