Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, they're Cousins...

Picture this: 5 kids, 2 nights, 1 house. Translation: lots of laughs, wound-up toddlers, exhausted adults. We got to spend time with my Lovely niece and Adorable nephew over the weekend (and Antie and Uncle Ryan, of course). I always thought kids were kids, but that's not exactly true. Girls are girls, and boys are most definitely boys.
My 2 year old nephew is hilarious. We got him some plastic dinosaurs for his birthday (so much for my handmade pledge, huh), and he carried one around in each hand for the rest of the day. Now, that's not really gender specific. What is all boy is what he did with the dinosaurs. Now, remember, I have 3 girls. Our toys dance and kiss and get snuggled. These dinosaurs fought constantly and went around the house growling, "DINOSAURS!" That's probably not that funny to those of you who have boys, but for me I thought it was hysterical. It's like he's from a completely different planet (one where they fight and growl a lot).

Here's the only picture I could get of all five of them. Cousin pow-wow. No adults allowed.

Here's what they were doing most of the time. Girls twirling, boy stomping.

And one for those of you who thought Sophie's hair was curly, may I present my niece Abby, owner of the prettiest curls you'll ever see. (And yes, there is a pretty face under there somewhere...)

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Kathryn said...

You are brave to take on two more! It looks like you had tons of fun!

Isn't it crazy how different boys and girls are, and how they seem to automatically know things, just because of gender? I know there are tons of studies out there about nurture vs. nature, but sometimes I wonder. I have a friend whose young son has never really even watched TV, yet he can identify every superhero out there. Where do they pick this stuff up? Crazy!

Glad you had a good time with your sweet family!