Thursday, March 13, 2008


I think I'm confusing you, my darlings, so I'm going slower today. (Because, if you are confused, it is my fault. Smocking is easy!)

Find the center of your pleated fabric by looking for your marker (thread knot). (photo 1)

Next, I'm going to look at my pattern to find the row I am to begin on.

My pattern calls for an outline stitch (today's lesson) on row 1.

So, I find row 1(the very top row) on my fabric. (photo 2)

Taking my needle to the back, I am going to poke it through in the center valley. (photo 3)

Next look at your pattern. If your pattern tells you to use an outline stitch, it will say up cable or down cable. If it doesn't say, you can pick one!

If it says up cable, make sure the thread stays above the needle. (photo 4)

If it says down cable, make sure the thread stays below the needle. (photo 5)

Mine says down cable, so I will begin with my thread below the needle.

For the first stitch, you need to stitch over 2 pleats. (photo 6)

The OUTLINE STITCH is just a down cable or up cable repeated for the entire row. For example: my pattern says down cable for the outline stitch so instead of alternating like we did for the cable stitch, I will always keep my thread below my needle. (photo 7)

The end result should look like twisted rope. Ask me questions!

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Very helpful! Thank you.