Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scream Fest '08

Well, it took us about 2 hours to drive to Jeff's parents' house. Eliza cried for about 1 hr and 30 minutes of that. Nothing worked. Our children have never been of the "deep sleep in the car" school of napping, but MAN this was rough. Jeff is convinced she set a record of some sort. So, to keep our minds occupied with something other than our screaming baby, we started coming up with things that this situation made us thankful for.
  • Her lungs are healthy enough to have screaming fits.
  • Our ears are able to hear the screams, because that means we also get to hear her laugh.
  • Since we have had at least one baby traveling with us for the past (almost) 4 years we are getting the "screaming baby in the car" phase over in one clump.
  • We now have a greater appreciation for silence.
  • The older two seemed to be oblivious to the drama, so engrossed they were in the adventures of Dora and the mermaids.
  • We're so glad God gave her to us, and if that means our ears are ringing by the end of a trip, so be it.

My biggest fear in parenting is that I'll get so consumed with something I find almost intolerable (baby travel) that I'll forget to notice all the things that are so wonderful.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

We had scream fest 05 on a trip from Conway to our house while I was driving w/ them alone. They screamed 20 min from my sisters' mother in laws driveway until I got them home. I was very concerned that I had inflicted permanent damage upon them. I think they were 3 maybe 4 months old and I still feel the guilt of that one. I like your list a lot better than the one I came up with on my trip home.

Glad you guys make id hope safely!!!


Chandra said...

Okay, I wasn't jealous until you said you'd gotten all of this over in one clump. I still have more of that to look forward to!:( H was terrible riding in the car, and I remember once driving from Oklahoma City to Tulsa with my family and he screamed the entire trip. Our nerves were all shot by the time we got there. Ouch. That's great that your other girls don't even seem to notice!!

maryann said...

I loved this are so right! We have just been getting over the stomache bug with Caitlyn and I need to come up with a list of good things for that,too!!!!!!

abc said...

I found your blog through a common friend or 2 or 3. Did we know each other at HU? We seem to know alot of the same folks.
Just had to be certain your husband knew no record was beat- this Thanksgiving my daughter screamed for a/b 10 hours of a 13.5 hour trip; she was 22 months old! It was pretty rough! Should've been thinking like you were. - ashley (brady) chandler