Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
Tutorials have been moved to Thursdays. I love the thankful list too much!

  1. I pushed myself during my running class. Sure, it was yesterday, but I'm feeling it today.

  2. Sophie got to go back to school today. (And see Mrs. Kelly, the Final Authority on All Things. Well, according to my child.)

  3. Getting to hold Mads as she cried for Sophie during naptime. Tuesdays are rough because she has to nap alone. It was nice that I could comfort her.

  4. I wore my tie-dyed t-shirt today! Hated by my family, beloved by me! Did I mention I'm a little backward when it comes to fashion?

  5. These pillows on soulemama. I just might be inspired to make something other than little girl dresses...

  6. When I held Eliza up to burp her today, she turned her head and gave my face a huge lick. I know, gross, right? But it gave me a Big Laugh, and who isn't thankful for a Big Laugh?

  7. I perused Liz's Blog - Mabel's House, today. I recommend it. Especially to you interior designer types. Just beautiful. Andria, her style made me think of you...

  8. Heard from not one, but two old friends today!

  9. Saw my friend Barrett, today. The phrase "breath of fresh air"? personified.

  10. The Kitty Skirt. Without it, what would Sophie wear to water her flowers?

Thanks X-Box Wife! I've started doing this mentally every day!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Those are 10 wonderful things! I love those pillows, I was also digging those capri pants a little further down...fabulous!!!


Deborah said...

I love the Thankful Tuesday idea!! A friend made me a thankfulness journal, and I think Tuesdays would be a great day for me to make my lists. Thanks for the inspiration.

I love reading your blog, by the way!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Did you make the kitty skirt, too? You are quite the seamstress!

So glad you're loving the thankful lists! I do it everyday as well! Thanks for joining in these past couple of weeks!

Amy said...

You are truly too good to be true. I think you are perfect! YOU are the breath of fresh air!!!! I enjoy you greatly~ I also greatly enjoy reading this blog greatly!!!

Jenn said...

The tie dye shirt!!! I love my old shirts...esp. the old Regaee ones from those fun mixers in college!!! Aaron doesn't like them much either, so I wear them to the gym. I'm sure the people at Balley's are like, "Oh, no, here comes the crazy tie dye lady!"
I love it, girl!!!

Chandra said...

I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you who my cousins were in Mountain View...wow, I'm losing it. I LOVE the kitty skirt for watering flowers. SO cute!