Friday, March 7, 2008

Boot Lovin'

Two things I learned today while we were getting our craft on:

  1. Sophie is having identity issues. With a tear in her voice - "Mommy, I thought I was an owl, but I wasn't." (life's full of disappointments, kid.)

  2. Mads doesn't know her colors, but she sure can identify all the Disney princesses. It goes without saying that we are thrilled.

Check out these boots from Children's Place! I love them so much I wish they had them in my size. Okay, not really, but ... really.

We had snow today!

Can't wait to see everyone's handiwork tomorrow! It's Show it Off Saturday! (Still working on that name...)


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

What about "Show your stuff Saturday"? Is that too suggestive sounding???? :)


Dallas said...

ughhh...i feel you pain with the colors! my "genius" can name every single character on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They are smart...right?

Amy said...

Love the boots! I can't wait to see what outfit Sophie puts it with ~
And, those Disney Princesses have much harder names than those crayons. I think that means she is gifted!

a barrett

Chad said...

We are so excited to have been given a spot on your "blogs to check out" section!! We'll do our best to stay current and not disappoint!

Chad & Marti Jo

Kim said...

LOVE the boots! Too bad they don't come in Mommy sizes too! :)