Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here's something new for Saturdays. I tried to think up something clever to call it but , um, not feeling too clever today so let's just call it Show it off Saturday. Lame, I know.

The point is, I've got some really talented friends out there. Some are Crafties (Jamie, Barrett), some are scrapbookers (Gina), some are chefs (Sandi, Amy S., and evidently Chandra!). I'd like to see your stuff! I am a visual person and get inspiration from things that I see. (Plus, I am not one for original thought.)So if you've made something beautiful or yummy, please show it off. A redecorated room, a scrapbooking page, a new recipe - I'd really like to see them.
I am a craftie so here is my contribution for the week: ( I got my inspiration from Angry Chicken). It's a dress for Mads made from Amy Butler fabric and lined in cheetah print (Sophie's contribution!) This was my first attempt at sleeves. I'm still practicing.


Amy said...

Love the dress!!!!! I like this sharing idea!!

Amy said...

What a beautiful dress! Maybe one of these days I'll have a little girl to wear one of your creations! :) Love it!

Amy Shumate