Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday!

I know, I know, Danna give it up on the cutesy theme days already! :-) I've decided to do a smocking tutorial and share with you the little that I know about it. It's not a lot, but it will allow you to smock about 90% of the plates(patterns) out there. I'm going to go excruciatingly slow, because I am pretending that I am teaching myself! Even if your children are too old or don't wear smocked clothing, they make wonderful baby gifts! It's incredibly easy, just start early. (It's much more relaxing to do a little at a time while watching t.v., than to stare at a needle and thread for hours!)

Okay, Lesson 1: MATERIALS

You will need embroidery needles and embroidery(DMC) thread. Important because the needles have a longer eye than regular sewing needles. Both of these things are very inexpensive. Each color thead is about 25 cents. The pattern will tell you which colors to get. Some patterns call for many different colors. I, however, never go by the colors it calls for. I just make up my own color scheme.

Fabric - I have always used either gingham, batiste, or broadcloth. Usually broadcloth because it's cheapest. You will need to have the fabric pleated. You can ask around and usually find someone you know who has a pleater. If that's not an option, places that do tailoring or alterations will work or a local fabric store can give a recommendation.

Alright, that's all you need to begin: needles, thread, and pleated fabric. No embroidery hoop necessary. Next Tuesday's Lesson - threading the needle and the basic cable stitch!


Kathryn said...

Danna - the smocking is beautiful! I've always wondered how this was done -- I love smocked dresses for little girls. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Jenn said...

That is so funny that you are doing this...I want you to move on to the hard stuff...I even have a pleater, I just have never used it...matter of fact, I gave it to a friend to use!! Every dress that my girls wear is smocked, but I've never tried to do it....I'm ready for next week!!

Danna Ramsey said...

Aw, thanks for the support, ladies. We will pick up the pace next week, I promise! It's so easy. :-)

Dallas said...

I am so excited about the tutorial! I have always wanted to smock. I cross stich a lot and everyone says it is a lot like that. Okay, I have this step completed, let's move on to next Tuesday!!!!!! Yea!!!!! Maybe cute summer dresses are in the near future!