Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

10 Things Tuesday!

I'm thankful for:
  1. Being able to do laundry at my parents', yesterday. I'm totally spoiled now by their front-loading, high-efficiency washer and dryer.

  2. That my own washing machine is fixed. It may not be fancy, but in the words of the great metal band, Cinderella, you "don't know what you got ('til it's gone)."

  3. Diaper booty! (but also glad that at least one child's booty in this house is potty-trained)

  4. All the advice from my buds about my van delimma. No matter how strange the question I ask, someone I know has an answer. Geniuses, all of you.

  5. I'm out of the doghouse for said van delimma!

  6. Cahoots. My older two girls are always in cahoots (usually about ways to not take a nap) but the other day I caught all three working together. I'm pretty sure the plan was to get Eliza out the door onto the deck. This is what happens if, heaven forbid, I try to go to the bathroom. Anyhow, I love how they already work as a unit. I'll probably regret those words! :-) (Doesn't it look like Eliza's directing the action?)
  7. Everyone that Sophie wanted to invite to her birthday party is able to come! Except her cousin, Abby. :-( But we knew that ahead of time.
  8. When I went jeans shopping on Saturday, I discovered that I had gone down a whole size. I know vanity is a sin, but I have never gone down a size in my whole 31 years! It felt crazy good!
  9. Bedtime prayers. Kids want to pray for the sweetest things. It's a nightly lump in your throat.
  10. And finally, I'm thankful for Sandi's honesty in her blog, today. She shared some things that I know I've felt but never felt comfortable letting anyone know. It was very inspiring.


The White Family said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love to read about your girls~ they are so cute! I'm glad to hear that your washing machine is fixed!

Sandi said...

Thank you, Danna -- I was really suprised just now to see my name in your list. It made my heart skip a beat, for some reason. I'm still not sure that I'm comfortable with what having what I wrote "out there" for all to see, but I've done it. I know that I always appreciate the blogs when others share something real from their lives, so I bit the bullet and just did it. Thank you for these words.

Andria said...

I love the diaper booty comment. Too cute :)

Marti Jo said...

Ok,just need to say that your ten things #10 was exactly what I needed.....not poison ivy....it's apparently pupps....and there is a long way to go baby!!!! Reading Sandy's blog entry was just the encouragement I needed.....wonder how the banana peels worked??? Thanks for being such a good example of how to be thankful for the good in our lives!

Amy Barrett said...

I told you, you were my inspiration to get my rear end in some sort of exercise! You are looking awesome! (you always have).

I also love the cahoots! My 3 do the same thing, Ella is usually the ring leader and bedtime is usually the most common time. You know though, they usually behave the best when they are doing something they shouldn't!?? Maybe it's that they've figured out how cute it is and I will let them get by with it?? cahoots...

Chandra said...

Last night I told B about your girls and their "cahoots" and we were cracking up. Just thought you should know that we got another laugh from your family!:) Thanks!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Do you need 3 to have a ring leader or can you have a ring leader of 2? That was a good list!