Friday, April 4, 2008


In my enthusiasm last night, 2 things escaped my attention. First, it was 13 Thursday and I forgot. Two, I didn't even thank the friend who taught me bow-making! So, I'm going to use my 13 to say thanks to some people.

  1. Jamie - thanks for being so generous with your time and supplies. We all had fun!
  2. Gina - thanks for encouraging me to blog in the first place. Funny, I didn't think I would like it.
  3. Danny, my little (29, gulp) bro - thanks for calling me out of the blue today. That's always a special treat.
  4. Renee' - thanks for getting up and instructing our beginning running class. There's no glory in that job.
  5. My daughters' Sunday school teachers - thanks for doing whatever you do. My girls want to go to church every day.
  6. Our shepherds at church - thanks for making some hard decisions and consistently praying for our congregation.
  7. The Ramseys - thank you for making me feel like family from day one.
  8. My dad - thanks for still giving me Big Hugs.
  9. My mom - thanks for the example of how moms are supposed to act.
  10. Dustyn - thanks for being a baby-sitter that I feel total confidence in.
  11. Jenny - thanks for the inspiration. You are very talented.
  12. Girlfriends - thanks for the fun times once a month. What are we doing next month? (Although, nothing will top the bows!)
  13. My babies - thanks for the daily smiles and for making me feel so loved.
  14. Jeff - thanks for being a true partner to me. I love our life.

Thank you Lord, for blessing my life with these people!


Amy said...

Danna, I enjoy every post you make! This one is so thoughtful and sweet - so you!

Amy Griffin said...

Great post and wonderful bows. Believe me, I remember the excitement in making them but now that Ella is 5 and does not wear them anymore I don't remember how to make them! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful today!

Gina Savage said...

I feel so special to make the list. I wish I was as loyal to the blog as you are. You inspire me with all your creativity. Maybe I'll have more energy someday soon. Then again, it might be awhile. Hugs!!!!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

I feeled so honored, just to have made the list! Hairbow making was fun, but next month with cake decorating will be even more fun. And there is talk of maybe the next month getting a scrapbooking lesson from Stephanie. Apparently, we have started a share your talent theme. Maybe Christie can do a cooking class and you can do one on sewing/quilting!! I think Rebecca is a jack of all trades and Marti is a landscaping genius. Wow..think of the possibilities!