Monday, April 21, 2008

Laundry Blast '08*

Woo hoo! Today was Laundry Blast '08. At an extremely early hour this morning, I gather up my 3 little back-up singers (after one clothing change for me. Maddie decided to take her diaper off in her sleep and so when I hugged her good morning, well, I guess I hugged her too tight and let's just say I'm glad I had one other clean t-shirt. And yes, I know I need to stop giving so much information...).
Then we loaded up about a bazillion bags of laundry into the party van and headed out. To Paragould. Destination: my parents' house. Objective: laundry city! You betcha, I took my laundry to my parents'. (What am I, 18?)

Highlights from the day:

Lunch courtesy of McDonald's (and Mom). Yum, yum! (and as always, slight indigestion afterwords.)

Rest time zoning out to High School Musical 2! (Yes, I caved. For my little almost 4 going on 13...)

Enjoying beautiful views and weather!

Piles and piles of laundry! This was just the first batch of many.

And, for posterity, I need to mention that I somehow scratched the whole side of my van on our brick mailbox. One of these days, when my husband starts talking to me again, we'll laugh about this. Um, not today.

*oh yeah, our washing machine blew up on Sunday.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Oh no, no washing machine? Watch out girl, it will be back to the speed queen for you! Oh, the days of the coin op laundry! When you could do ALL your laundry in 1 hour....all 15 loads for just yourself, and we thought it was bad back then. Whew!

Polly said...

Broken washing machine and scratched van. Sounds like your husband is going to be in a great mood this week! I will be happy to do a few loads for you!

AmyB said...

Oh I am so sorry for the exploding washer! We have had "times"...mainly when for whatever reason I seemed to go on a laundry strike...when we went to the laundry mat on campus and did all the loads at once. By "we" I mean Andrew. He is so much better at the mass laundry than I am. It makes me crazy thinking about paying that money...but then it is over! Some day...I am going to purchase the kind of laundry machines that are so speedy that you don't feel like you have even been doing laundry! My sister-in-law says hers made all the difference! I hope that your washer is better soon.

Chandra said...

What a beautiful view from the deck. That looks so peaceful! The McDonald's looks delicious, and it sounds like fun bonding with your mom over laundry! I hope I get to live near my mom someday! Sorry about the washer though, that stinks!

Amy Griffin said...

Eww, that is a rough week! It sounds like the trip to your mom's house was MUCH better than the laundrymat would have been.

Jenn said...

I'm doing that today!! Sorry about your machine...mine flaked a few years ago and I tried to take it apart (you know, super mom and all) but we ended up just buying one afterall....
Glad that you had a fun place to go and do laundry with the girls!!! :)