Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

Usually, I am not a "brand girl". I can do Great Value and Equate and Parent's Choice with the best of them. However, there are a few compromises that I try not to make.
13 Brands I love:
  1. Crystal Light. I do not like the generic version of this. Yuck. And what a shame, because the generic version is so much cheaper.
  2. Coke and any other soda. Don't give me no cola or Dr. Thunder (if I had to cho-ose ... haha inside joke) or Twist Up. (And yes, mom, I know my grammar is atrocious.)
  3. Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I love gourmet hot chocolate, but I drink hot chocolate year round so this is the best of the cheaper stuff.
  4. Gain detergent. It smells good. I used to be a Tide girl.
  5. Aussie hair products. If my hair looks bad, blame the Suave.
  6. Magic Eraser! I go through these weekly.
  7. Disney Store nightgowns. The frilliest, gauziest, twirlliest gowns out there. No compromising here. For my girls, people.
  8. Oscar Mayer hot dogs. All hot dogs are nasty, but these are a staple of my children's diet. Unfortunately.
  9. New Balance tennis shoes. I'm flat footed. These make my feet ache the least.
  10. Gap Long and Lean jeans. Did you see the name? I am neither long nor lean, but these make me feel that way. (a little) I've worn out all my pairs right now and am wearing some generic Target jeans. Hate them. Hate them. I never feel long and lean in my Target jeans.
  11. Jiffy cornbread mix. Crazy tasty. And versatile! Try it as a coating for fish.
  12. Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. It has lots of bleach in it, but doesn't smell as bad as generic.
  13. Bath and Body Works pump handsoap. It just smells the best. And they have sales on it all the time. And they have colors to match any room. Okay, I'm done with the justifying.


Chandra said...

I ADORE Bath and Body Works pump soaps. I don't think they're really that much more expensive than a regular soap you buy at the grocery store when you buy them on sale! I really like the foam ones the best, but I need the lotion ones in the winter. I also love their foam hand sanitizers! TMI?

Miss G said...

Danna, so fun! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Who did you find me through? I too like Gap Long and Lean jeans! Kelly

Jill said...

I may have to try me some Long & Lean jeans... I'm a shorty girl and would love to look long & lean! I'm with you on the Jiffy Cornbread mix! I've never used any other and always add a little sugar to it when I make cornbread. Yummy!!!

Amy said...

I'm definitely with you on the Magic Eraser, Gap jeans, and Bath and Body Works soap! I'm all about generic brands for most things, but sometimes you've just gotta have the real thing!

Stephanie said...

Girl, Generic is my middle name! But I'm with you on Cokes. I cannot go Generic on my soft drinks.

And I wish we could do Gain detergent but Eric doesn't like it. We do Surf and it's pretty cheap. I prefer Tide but when you start comparing prices, it's no contest!

Have I told you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I love how often you post and I'm always wondering every morning what Danna has posted about today! Kudos!

Jenny said...

I can do generic on almost everything... except toilet paper!!! Who wants to take a chance on that?

Alissa said...

I am Bath and Body Works all the way for soap and body wash. I also only buy Edy's Ice Cream and real Oreos (when I am on a break from my diet that is!)

Jennifer said...

OK. I am still laughing about "I never feel long and lean in my Target jeans". Too funny. I feel your pain sister! I am not a fan of generic clothing. LOL. Everything else is negotiable.

Sandi said...

You should try Wyler's Light instead of Crystal Light -- I actually like some of the flavors better -- like the pink lemonade and the cranberry -- they are really yummy!

Sandi said...

But I can't do any soda generic unless it's root beer (even that is pushing it)

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Great list! You are so right about the Long and Lean jeans!