Friday, April 11, 2008

A mess of random

I'm trying to forget the naptime trauma and the spanking(s) that occured, so let's focus on some positive aspects of this (mostly) relaxing day.

The females in the family slept until 7:30. SEVEN THIRTY!!!!!

I had another lesson in the differences between myself and my eldest today. I take roughly a million years before I get to the point. Sophie is direct (some would call it blunt) just like her father. She wanted Lucy's play dress today, so she says , "Miss Jenny, can you get that dress off Lucy and put it on me, please." I had to let you know that she said please, so she doesn't seem completely rude.

(Oh, and for whatever record, I found Jeff's directness refreshing and attractive (okay, and just a wee disconcerting) when we began dating. He's the only person I ever dated who didn't play games!)

Sophie and Eliza bonding.
Jenny (Parrott) Box has a blog. Hooray for Jenny!

I got out all the stuff for spaghetti tonight and realized we didn't have any, um, spaghetti. So... we had bacon and eggs. Yum!

Breakfast for supper + all 5 on the couch (in jammies) + Enchanted = Happiness (aka Family Night)

There. What was I trying to forget?


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yes, couch time does help a bad day just melt away. What is it that makes naptime so stressful?!?!? We also had bacon and eggs for dinner last night. It is a staple dinner for our family.

Jenn said...

Yippee!! We had pizza + The Waterhorse = family movie night!! I love to fix breakfast for dinner...somehow it doesn't seem like I'm really having to cook dinner and is easier to clean up...okay, not that much easier because I really don't like to clean up, hense the pizza tonight!!

AmyB said...

I have planned on making something so many times and then the lack of actual "planning" shows when I don't have some of the major ingredients! Sounds like you did a great job improvising though!

Deborah said...

Danna, I love to read your blog. You write exactly like I remember you talking--sweet, hilarious, and very descriptive.

This post reminded me that we need to have more designated "Family Nights". It is so much harder when they get into school and sports, but that is a lousy excuse.

Blessings on your week!