Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekends ...

Over the weekend, we decided to:

  • Switch Sophie and Maddie's room (front of the house) with the playroom (back of the house)
  • Re-paint both rooms
  • get fancy with the painting
  • Completely re-do Eliza's room

Each decision led to the next one. When all was said and done, the only room on that side of the house with no plans was the guest bath. And, I'm not entirely convinced we won't do something there, too.

Here's the delimma - they want a "princess" room. Now, I am all for letting the kids decide paint colors and expressing themselves (you've seen how my children dress), but for some reason I am drawing the line at a Disney princess room.

Since begging for advice always helps in this blog, this time I am asking for non-Disney princess decorating ideas. They already have a white full size bed and twin bed that can be bunked but we aren't doing that just yet. (My two-year-old is slightly accident prone. sigh)

They also have two quilts that have been pieced and are waiting to be quilted, so that's covered. The quilts have pinks, blues, purples, greens and a little yellow and orange. I really thought about going with a pale pink and pale orange (think strawberry ice-cream and orange sherbet) but that's as far as I got. And I guess that's not very princessy.

So, c'mon all you mothers of sons and tomboys out there! Now's your chance to help me decorate a very girly room! Go crazy!

Alright, sorry to anyone who is tired of all the Sophie quotes, but I want to remember these things.

  • Seeing the chocolate cake I made - "Yum! It smells like a princess!" It goes without saying that smells like a princess is my new catch phrase.

  • "Mommy. Your legs. Have thorns." you'll never guess what that means

One last Hurrah in the old playroom.

Goodbye crayon all over the walls. Maddie is showing off her giraffe-riding skillz.Goodbye funky paint and who-knows-what carpet stains. This one of Sophie (who's washing her car, "it's just filthy") is for Nana and Auntie to show off her new tangle free hair. Woo!And this one because it's sweet.


Amy said...

Wow! Big plans. At first, I thought you meant that you did all of that over the weekend! I was going to be jealous. :) I like the pink and orange combo, but I won't be too helpful when it comes to princesses. Good luck!

Marti Jo said...

Two words for you: Pottery Barn! We've used there site for inspiration. You can look at all kinds of kids' rooms.

Amy Barrett said...

You need to come see my girls' room. It sounds exactly like what you are describing. We had it painted but there it is a Princess room with a castle in one corner, a pathway leading up to it with a sign that says "PRincess Emma's Castle" (we are going to change that to say Eva Grace and Ella too). In another corner there is a big tree, lots of clouds and flowers. You need to come see at least to get ideas.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Good grief! You guys had a busy weekend!!! I would suggest maybe canopies for the beds made out of tulle.....very much princessy. And if you do it right with both beds on one wall, that could cover both walls. I also has a friend that does painting like in Amy's room. She painted the girls room, very reasonbly!

Also, last week I was wearing a blousy shirt and my sweet Sarah said, "mommy, you look just like a princess". It made my heart melt. I said, "thank you, sweetie". In her next breath she said, "yes, a princess, just like daddy". There is some princess confusion at our house!

Anonymous said...

You make those girls a princess room, and I'm buying them boxing gloves to balance it out.

Hugs and Kisses,

Your darling baby brother

Hannah said...

I can't wait to see your quilts. I just finished another one for a wedding gift. Do you still need some tips for putting it all together?

Julie and Chris said...

Hey Danna

Oh you can do a princess room without disney..pottery barn has good ideas to look at... The idea of someone painting something on the wall is always cool...they could paint a castle on the wall with their names over the beds....I nanny for 2 girls and I would love to design their rooms... maybe one day I will have my own!! Have fun!! TJMAXX sometimes will have cute things for girls rooms!

The Shirley's said...


I've been coming to read your blog from Gina's blog and let's just say your too funny. BTW... I'm Lisa Kilgore's little sister. Anyway... about the tangley hair... my dad used to try to run his fingers through my hair (and sometimes he still tries) and let's just say that hurts. Curly hair is not meant to run fingers through. Just an FYI. Hope the redecorating goes well!


Chandra said...

Personally, I never get tired of Sophie comments! H tells me when I wear a dress on Sundays that it "makes me a princess" but since he told me my perfume was "stinky like a bathroom" today I assume that I do not smell like one.

I know you're anti- the whole princess idea, but after you decorate you could get those little temporary wall cling-on thingys to appease them at least until company comes over. I don't do Disney/advertising themed rooms either, but every now and then I'll stick a Diego on the wall of his cowboy room.

Alissa said...

When we switched Isaac and Kalista's room last summer, she of course wanted a princess room as well. We settled on purple paint (her favorite color) and then did the wall stickies that can be removed when she changes her mind down the road. We also got her one of those canopy things that hang from the ceiling. Very princessy. . . :) Good luck!

CM said...

Y'all are ambitious! It was very nice to meet you today and I would love for us all to get together one afternoon and play. As far as the plans for the princess room goes, one way to glam it up is to drape misquito netting on the posts of the bed (for the bunk bed, you could hook it to the ceiling and then drape it down the four posts. We're doing that when we put Abby's big girl bed in her room.