Thursday, June 5, 2008

13 Thursday

A lot of stuff gets mispronounced around here. We're no speech therapists! See if you can guess the meaning of the following 13 words:
  1. blueberry
  2. baby soup
  3. bebbis
  4. dodo
  5. pickle
  6. kess
  7. tocket
  8. free
  9. dot dogs
  10. popart
  11. panpake
  12. wafwaf
  13. douche


  1. library
  2. bathing suit
  3. breakfast
  4. Coco (our former dog)
  5. Popsicle
  6. kiss
  7. chocolate
  8. three
  9. hot dogs
  10. pop tart
  11. pancake
  12. waffle
  13. juice

About half are Sophie's mispronunciations. All the food ones are Maddie's. :) We actually have tried to correct them, but about the only one that's changed is library. It really embarrassed Sophie when she realized she was saying it wrong. It didn't help that I laughed.


Chandra said...

I laughed out loud at the mispronunciation of "juice"! Tonight H was trying to point to his hippo bath toy and called it a "huppupopputus". He refused to say it again when I begged him to (for my own enjoyment which apparently he picked up on though I tried really hard to disguise it...)

Kim said...

I love the way kids say things!!! Rylan calls waffles "faffles" but he can say cantaloupe as clear as day! Go figure...

Also, as a boy mom, I am green with envy for all the girl moms who can buy your smocking. When you branch into the boy world, let me know! :)

Amy Barrett said...

love the doushe! how funny.

Danielle Balentine said...

Your so good to write those down so that you will always remember. Those little mispronunciations are always so precious.

Derek and Michelle said...

We eat a lot of dotdogs around here! More importantly, everything is mines!

Alissa said...

Every morning Isaac asks for his "tot-tart" for breakfast. My personal favorite is when my kids ask to be the "whine weaner" (line leader) when we are getting ready to go somewhere and they line up at the garage door!

Creek said...

I love the last one! Literally made me LOL!