Friday, June 20, 2008

What Danna finds romantic

Allright, here's something I find incredibly romantic: I had a splinter today and Jeff got it out. Why is that romantic, you ask? I ask myself the same thing. Maybe it's because he took care to be gentle. Maybe it's because it was in the palm of my right hand and he knew that I couldn't get it out by myself. (Maybe it's because he knew I would do the BIG SIGH until it was out...)

That's really what I love about marriage. I've never been a "moonlight stroll" or "dozen roses" kind of girl. I love the little things like the removing of splinters.

This is something that had us enthralled for a while tonight. We are easily enthralled. And slightly nerdy.


Kim said...

I'm totally with you on the definiton of romantic! And I just spent 10 minutes on the psychic number thing... FREAKY!!!!!

Andria said...

Ok, that crystal ball thing is kinda of freaking me out! Love your romance definition. :) As far as Lasik goes, my eyes were severe, so I knew 'eventually' I'd return to contacts. I don't imagine Jeff was as blind as I when I had the surgery, so he'll probably never have to worry out it. And, they've improved the 'dry' eye situation this past year as well. He should be in good shape! :) No stress.

Deborah said...

I find a man romantic when he is holding a bottle of Pledge and a dusting rag...oh yeah, and the vaccuum!