Friday, June 27, 2008


A Few Friday Confessions:

  1. I found cheerios in two separate wipes containers, today. Cheerios get very soggy in wipes containers.
  2. Wayyyyyy too much facebooking this week.
  3. I wish we had a trampoline.
  4. I'm not sure if I am going to vote in the upcoming election.
  5. I worked all day on Sophie's hair (now it looks so pretty! Thanks to all who offered me advice, I used a combination of your ideas. Could this be the beginning of a new era in the Ramsey household?)
  6. I bribed Sophie to get her to be still while I worked on her tangles. I promised her a treat. Anything she wanted. She picked a sucker.
  7. I need a haircut.
  8. Don't even get me started on my eyebrows.
  9. I did not read a single book to my children in the last 24 hours. :(
  10. It's possible that I drank 2 Mountain Dews today.


Amy Barrett said...

Isn't it great when kids have free reign over any reward and they pick a sucker! Sweet Sophie

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I noticed you joined Facebook this week. Watch out, it can be more addicting than blogging!

Anju said...

Suggestion for Sophie's curly tangled hairs.
Kashmala have thin hairs and easily get tangled and u know she has long hairs. What I do after using her Johnson &Johnson for curly hairs shampoo I put some Garnier Fructus conditoner too in her ahirs as its the natural product (thats what i've heard) and when combing,I always spray with detangler (have tried and the rsult only johnson johnson detangler works not the equate one).
Try it may be it will work for her too :)
And Kashmala loved her friends pics on ur blog and she keeps telling me that she misses Sophie & Maddie and she miss her old home. Isnt that difficult to answer?