Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Here's something that works for us Ramseys. Each of our girls have tired of baby food pretty quickly, mainly because they have no patience and wanted to do it themselves. So, we get canned mixed veggies and give that to them instead. Just drain them and spoon them out onto the high chair. Mm-mmm good! (As a screaming mime might say...)

I know it sounds yucky to give them room temp. canned veggies, but all 3 of our girls have gobbled them up. They are small enough that they won't get stuck in the windpipe, and just firm enough that they can be grabbed and stuffed into their little mouths. We tried frozen veggies, but they didn't like them cold and it was hard getting the temp just right.

It's pretty cheap, too. We just put the leftovers in those little Glad containers. (Each container is about one serving.)

Works for me!
(Disclaimer: the above was totally okayed by our pediatrician.)

Now, I need to find something that works for you. Sophie has horrid tangles. Curls + baby-fine hair = knots from elsewhere. My hair is straight. (Okay, it's funky. But it's not curly!) I don't know what to do with the knots. My sister in law has given me suggestions, but they don't seem to work on hair as fine as Sophie's. The hard part is - the tangles are at her crown, not on the ends. So, cutting it won't help. I guess I could shave it, but then the grandparents would probably stop talking to me. I could really use some help!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
This picture doesn't do it justice, at all. Seriously, it's bad.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow...that looks like what my dad used to call my hair...a rats nest. Curly hair is tough! My girls use Potion 9 leave in it! Wash and condition with bed head shampoo, put Potion 9 in, comb through with fingers and let air dry. Hopefully this will help. By the way, mixed veggies...fabulous!

Nikki said...

OMG!!! That looks like a rat's nest....seriously!! And I can say that b/c mine has horribly curly hair and once I left to go to camp for a week and my husband DIDN'T brush it at all and I had to CUT OUT the 2 DREADLOCKS that my child had in the back of her head!!! I could have shot him. To top it off she was in a very formal wedding a month later and I know "Ziggy Marley" wasn't what they had in mind. We use Johnson & Johnson tangle remover.

Polly said...

I always comb out my hair in the shower when the conditioner is in it. It works for me, but I don't have fine hair. Good luck!

The White Family said...

I know I don't have little ones, but I grew up with and still have curly hair, so maybe I can be of some help.
1. Make sure to use a good conditioner. Two in one products are the enemy.
2. Comb it wet with what I call a curly comb. I got mine at Sally Beauty for about $3 (it says beach comber on it). It needs to have wide teeth, not fine ones. I can't find an exact picture but something like this would do:,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair11-01
3. Give her a loose ponytail or quick loose braids to sleep in. All down means tears in the morning.
3. I know how sweet little girls look with their hair down and natural, but this is probably making the tangle problem worse. Even if you just pull the sides back, it would help eliminate some of the "rats", as we called them. 4. Anytime she's getting her hair wet (swimming, water play, etc...) take out all hair accessories. When she's done, comb through it before it gets too dry.
5. Tangle "removers" are helpful at times, but what worked best for me were leave-in conditioners or some sort of curl creme. I currently use Tresemme Curl Milk (not it's actual name, but close) to control my adult tangles. It's reasonably priced.
6. Mom used to hurt my feelings because she would tell me she didn't have time for hair like mine (even though I got it from her). Even as an adult, my hair takes time. I know that with three little girls, time is in high demand. But maybe you could keep one of those combs in your purse and just run it through here and there throughout the day. Mom used to comb through my hair when I was eating. =)

This is the longest comment ever from one of your only childless posters. I hope it helps a little. And I hope I don't sound like a know-it-all.

The White Family said...
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The White Family said...
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Derek and Michelle said...

You are on your own with that one sweets, but it looks like you have a lot of great suggestions from friends.

Jenny said...

I think Trisha wrote such a long post because she wanted to avoid finishing her paper! :) Lucy's isn't as bad, but it does need help. We use 2 in 1 shampoo and then conditioner. Then we use detangler spray or leave in conditioner. If that doesn't work, there's always baseball caps!

The White Family said...

Jenny knows me too well. Too bad my paper wasn't on Caring for Curly Hair~ I would have been good to go!

Amy Barrett said...

Suave kids 2-n-1 shampoo works awesome for us, at least when we get out of the bathtub. The cherry jams smells GREAT too. Anyway, it is a cheap try if nothing else.

Elizabeth said...

Ok. first of all, that is all I ever gave my babies. It was just too easy to dump a can a green beans on a tray. And they are fine.

Emily's hair used to be very fine, but it has gotten courser as she has gotten older. That helps. But, when it was so fine and would tangle so much, I would braid it right after her bath for her to sleep in. It helped so much. We still have to use the Suave detangling spray in the mornings.

klhodges27 said...

Wow good luck with that. I have no ideas for you since my daughter has straight hair thank goodness! But I was going to tell you thanks for finding me on here and about the kids... I think they are too but I know they are rotten! Oh and I was going to say the same thing about your daughters! Your oldest looks sooo much like you and your sister! I can definately tell who she belongs to!! So I am slow at figuring the blog stuff out.. so bear with me and my little sad page!!