Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Here we go, 10 things Tuesday (Friendly Edition)

Things I am thankful for today:

  1. Acquaintances who have turned into friends! Shout out to Amy R., Erica, and Crystal. :)
  2. Talking to an old friend from HU this week. (And making 2 new dresses for her sweet Mary Presley)
  3. Seeing a picture of an old,old friend on another's blog. Those are the kind of surprises that are fun, fun.
  4. We have a fun playgroup to go to tomorrow! Can't wait!
  5. Sophie is branching out and making new friends! Can I get a woo woo?
  6. I love our Sunday School class so very much.
  7. Facebook! again ...
  8. I'm still best friends with my hubby after all these years ... okay, it's only been 6 years of marriage, but still.
  9. We got the stripes painted on the girls' wall!
  10. We are now the proud owners of Barbie Mermaidia. (And the proud watchers (4 times!) )

Weirdness of the day: the girls come to me today and say, "you are mommy and we are your poops. We're mommy and the poops!"


Jenny said...

I'm sorry to tell you that Mermaidia doesn't get any better, no matter how many times you watch it!

Chandra said...

"Mommy and the Poops"...it's almost like the Von Trapp Family. I never imagined that I would look forward to playdates, but I do just as much as H does!

And I can't believe you've been married for 6 years, too. That makes me feel VERY behind on my child-birthing.

Amy R said...

Awww thank you soo much! That made my day! We have really enjoyed swimming lessons this summer! I think that Chloe and Sophie really like each other. We will have to get them together even after swimming lessons are over. We love some playdates!

Jill said...

I just started Facebook! I'll have to look you up! I took a look at your smocking blog. Your work is amazing!!

Amy Barrett said...

I can't believe you have only been married 6 years! You guys are still honeymooning, that is crazy!

I am going to give you my camera tomorrow and email you the pictures so you can get some photos back on this blog!

We can start you a new camera fund at the playdate tomorrow - which I am looking very forward to!

Nikki said...

Smocking blog??? I will so go there!

Andria said...

Gosh, 6 years and 3 kids...I gotta get busy to catch up! :)

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey, come link up! Great list ~ I loved the orange dresses our little friends have, btw. They were awesome!!! I new immediately upon seeing them who had made them.

Crystal said...

You are so sweet- I am very happy that I have met all of you and I truly hope that we can all still get together (I'll call Amy B. and Stacy and see if we can't work something out).