Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why baby

Why would babies rather chew on dried up leaves and bugs and paper than sweet little colorful chew toys?

Why do they develop the "pulling up" instinct before they develop common sense?

Why do they have blow-out diapers only when they are wearing white?

Why do people insist on screaming, "look at those legs!" every time they see my daughter?

Why do kids love to pick their nose but scream when us mommies get anywhere near it?

Why do they put on shows all day long, but then duck their heads and refuse to even say hello when they finally get an audience?

Why, whenever I say to myself, "what should I wear today?" does my daughter always suggest my wedding dress?

Why do they take such comfort from a ratty old blanket?

Why do they talk about seeing their buddies all morning and then ignore them when we meet up?

Why will they eat their peas one day, and the next day insist they are yucky?

Why do they love princesses so very much?


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Who doesn't love princesses? Molly asked me the other night after she picked her nose if I wanted to eat her booger...does anyone??

Davies Family said...

I would be rich if I got a nickel for everytime someone commented on or squeezed my son's legs. Maybe Eliza and Caleb should hang out, so that when we hear "look at those legs" we can pretend they're talking about the other baby. :) And, apparently, I am totally stalking you tonight. :)

Hannah said...

I wonder about the buddy thing, too. Will says, "I want to play with (fill in the blank)," and then when he has the opportunity, he acts like he doesn't want to play. And, sweet Eliza has beautiful legs! I am in awe of them because Will had toothpicks for legs. (Ben's are thicker.) I wonder why people always tell me how little my babies are. My back couldn't take much more!

Crystal said...

My goodness our children are peas in a pod! And why do people want to talk about our youngests' legs. Ella's a chunky-monkey, get over it! We should really come up with a good come-back when people say things like that about our little precious angels.

Chandra said...

Please, please, please wear your wedding dress out one day. And take lots of pictures.

Creek said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree with all of that. Well, except for the last one. My boys could care less for princesses, LOL!