Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ah, me. Remember the days when I could blog everyday?
My first excuse is that now that my pleater is in, I have been playing major catch-up on sewing and smocking.
My second excuse is that we got a new computer (finally!) and it's been a booger for me to learn how to use.
It's a laptop and for some reason, I can't seem to be able to use that little touch pad/mouse thingie. Jeff, out of devotion (and okay, probably a little bit out of frustration), went to the Wal-mart and got a wireless keyboard and normal mouse for me to use. Woo hoo! I don't like keeping up with the times. I was sad to see our big old monitor go, but I was really attached to the old school mouse.

We went to the Alyssa Edens/Randall Baber wedding last night. I love weddings! (side note: Sophie thinks weddings are shows about a princess named Mary. Even though she knows Alyssa, she called her Mary all night.) Got me to reminiscing again. Here we go ...

Stuff I remember about my wedding:
  • shut my veil in the car door and got grease all over it. Meta Winters miraculously got it out. Bothered everyone but me.
  • Had my hair "done", came home and brushed it all out. I just felt silly with fixed hair.
  • Don't remember much about the wedding. I thought I remembered Jeff tearing up, but then one day about 6 months into marriage he informed me that he didn't cry at all. Of course, I immediately start bawling and refuse to talk to him for a few hours (or days, who knows). He now says that he cried through the whole thing. :)
  • All we had packed were "Jamaica clothes", so after we left the wedding , we went to the Wal-mart and got sweatshirts to wear to the airport. Our one matching experience and we wasted it on gray sweatshirts...
  • I'd left my shoes at Ashleigh's house, so in most of the wedding pictures, I'm wearing my mom's shoes.
  • Dreaded the "you may now kiss the bride" part. Jeff and I both loathe pda.

I'm sure there's lots more important things that happened that day, but I only seem to remember goofy stuff. :)


Jenny said...

I too am unable to make the laptop mouse work. Kevin also gets frustrated with me. Maybe we should form a support group! :)

Heather said...

About the PDA part, I dreaded that moment too! I think my husband slipped me the tongue and to this day I am very embarressed.

Amy R said...

I too am one of those peeps who can't use the laptop mouse. My name is Amy and I am still addicted to the ole school mouse...there I feel so much better already!!

Amy Barrett said...

I'm addicted to old school mouses too (mouses? mice??). And the wedding kiss.. in our video you notice me leaning BACK and Burt still going coming for me. He wanted a long kiss and I was embarrised. The congregation was laughing.

Trisha said...

I can't stop laughing about Sophie thinking that about weddings! That is SO funny!

Kim said...

That is so funny. I totally get from reading your blog you wouldn't be a panic-y bride. Good for you. Definitely an attractive quality.
I'm with ya on the PDA-not our style. Wish it wasn't so many other people's style.