Thursday, August 14, 2008

As has become the norm...

Here I am thankful and it's not even Tuesday!!!!!

Things I am thankful for today:

  1. I get to see my old (and I mean old, snicker, snicker) friend Andria tonight!!!!! I think I only had one kid the last time I saw her.

  2. Sophie's burgeoning nurturing side. The other day all the girls were in the playroom and I was in the living room folding clothes. I hear Eliza start fussing, and before I can turn to walk in there, Sophie says, "c'mere shug. You're okay." Eliza quieted right down. She's really starting to take this oldest sister thing seriously.

  3. Little Einsteins on t.v. so I can sit and write this.

  4. Leftovers that Jeff can eat while the girls and I are gone this evening.

  5. The girls picked the least expensive lunch boxes at the Target, yesterday! Whaat?!?!

  6. My far-sightedness. I haven't worn prescription glasses since college. It's nice getting by with just those little reading glasses.

  7. I get to see my little brother tomorrow before he heads to Europe! (wish I was going to Europe...)

  8. Sophie is registered for school. They'd just misplaced her open-house letter earlier this week. (and I only had a minor panic attack )

  9. Donuts for breakfast!!!!!!!!!

  10. Olympics, baby! They've kept me up way past my bedtime each night, but I just can't seem to get enough of those awesome swimming wins in the last second or those little underage Chinese gymnasts. (who, evidently, are ripped away from their families at age 3... another topic)


Andria said...

I must say I'm a little offended at the 'OLD' remark! However, considering all the hideous TAC photos I posted, we're even.

Amy Griffin said...

I am staying up too late with the Olympics too - and you are right, we have been talking about the age of those little girls too!

Chandra said...

Mmmm, donuts...the breakfast of champions.

I had a little panic attack when we didn't get our preschool registration when we were supposed to either!

Jenn said...

We LOVE Donuts!! nice to your "old" friends, too!! he he he
We are loving the olympics here, too...way too many late nights, though!

Kim said...

Holla on the Olympics! I'm tired.

Jules said...

I swear you & I are twins.;)

Elizabeth said...

Hey...are you the one that knows the place that has cheap Robert Kaufman fabrics?