Sunday, February 24, 2008

Totally Bummed

All those warm feelings I had while tending to my sick children have evaporated today! Today at church was our annual parent commitment ceremony and with 3 puny ones we felt that the responsible thing to do was to miss it. I feel guilty that we didn't get to share that with Eliza. Plus, I love parent commitment Sunday! I love the symbolism of commiting to raising her for the Lord and the celebrating with the other parents. (and the sickies have gone from phase one: pitiful to phase two: cranky). Serious bummage around here. So, I thought I would take my cue from Soulemama and look for 10 things that made me smile today.

  1. Getting to go to Hancock's and toot around all by myself

  2. finding this fabric : (c'mon, pink! lollipops!) bought some.

  3. A bird picture on Etsy

  4. This fabric website that has Heather Ross and Amy Butler fabric at a discount

  5. The cake Sophie picked out for her birthday

  6. Learning that I am a pirate! And my CSI character is Greg! And if I were a dog, I'd be a pug! And that I am only 91% feminine. (Don't like that one.)

  7. Potty training pictures courtesy of Jamie's blog (I know that they've been posted for a couple of days, but still - hysterical)

  8. I ate cheez-its for a snack. I love me a cheez-it!

  9. Watching Jeff dance :-) you gotta see it

  10. This scripture I found while doing my ladies' Bible study - Psalms 27:13

Slightly less bummed now.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Crafters vision....that is a wonderful website, I love it! They have great stuff and great instructions.

I got some fabulous fabric at walmart Friday night, I was so happy. Lime green fabric w/ pink cherries. I love fabric!!!


Gina Savage said...

Sorry the girls are sick. It breaks my heart when Gracie & Cole don't feel good. This has been a horrible season for sickness. Glad you got some me time. That's important. I cry everytime we have a baby dedication at church. I don't know how I'll hold it together for one more. I get more emotional with each kid. Poor Luke. Get well soon!


Deborah said...

Danna, thanks for finding me! I am so looking forward to keeping up with your family. Your kids are just precious.

Sandi said...

I'm sorry you've got sick girls -- we had a big round of sickness earlier in the winter, and it was no fun at all!

I remember Ryan Rana (at least the name -- I'd have to get a yearbook to remember his face). Who was Jeff's sister?

I wondered if you guys were at Southwest -- do you know Grant and Jacque McDaniel? We go way back -- I love that family!